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Chemistry 12

Unit 1

Thermodynamics heat and dynamics which implies motion
kinetic molecular theory solid liquid and gas solid-very little KE most vibrational very high densityLiquid- bit more KE vibrational rotational transtational motionGas- lot of KE most traslational still vibrational @ ratational lot of space
heat and temperture heat is teh amouint of energy ina system or the amount of energy transferred on some processTemperture is teh indirect measure of average KE in a particalyar system another way to think f tem p is as a measure of the amount of heat er particle in a sys.
Which has more heat an ice cube or an iceberg?Which is hotter iceberg b/c more particle more energyhotter are the same
hot and cold term cld is simply teh absence of energy a hot object simply has more energy than a cold one when hot and cold objectys come in contact energy folws from the hot object to the cold (more energy to less) until the energy contents are equal slurpee freezing
themperture meausments are indirect and defined by the instrumentF used one set of reference points and c used others
Enthalpy total kinetic and potentail energy in a system impossible to split KE and PE impossible to measure enthalpy
we can determmine what in enthalpy determine the change in enthalpy by looking at the amount of energy gained or lost in a chemical or physical process symbols of ^H
^H exo has sign - b/c it loses its energysee graph
Ea activiation energy extra energy needed to get the reaction going Ea is specific to particiular chemical system some high and low never zero
look over speacal enthalpies
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