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Additive Identity Matrix if an m*n matrix I is a zero matrix, then I is an additive identity matrix, such that for any m*n matrix A, A+I=A
Alternate Optimal Solution When there are two or more optimal solutions for a linear programming problem, the problem is said to have alternate optimal solutions
Column Matrix a matrix that has only one column
Consistent a system of equations that has at least one solution
Constraints conditions given to variables, often expressed as linear inequalities
Dependent a system of equations that has infinitely many solutions
Determinant a square array of numbers having a numerical value
Dilation a transformation in which a figure is enlarged or reduced
Dimensions the number of rows, m, and the number of columns, n, of the matrix written as M*N
Element any value in the array of values
Elimination Method a technique used to solve a system of equations
Equal Matrices Two matrices are equal if an only if they have the same dimensions and their corresponding elements are identical
Identity Matrix for Multiplication the identity matrix of nth order, In, is the square matrix whose elements in the main diagonal, from upper to lower right, are 1s, while all other elements are 0s.
Image the graph of an object after a transformation
Inconsistent a system of equations that has no solutions
Independent a system of equations that has exactly one solution
Infeasible when the constraints of a linear programming problem cannot be satisfied simultaneously
Inverse Matrix
Linear Programming a procedure for finding the maximum or minimum value of a function in two variables subject to given constraints on the varibales
M * N Matrix a matrix with m rows and n columns
Matrix a rectangular array of terms called elements
Minor the minor of an element of nth-order matrix is the determinant of (n-1) th order found by deleting the row and column containing the element
Nth Order a square matrix with n rows and n columns
Ordered triple the solution of a system of equations in three variables
Polygonal Convex Set the solution of a system of linear inequalities
Pre-Image the graph of an object before a transformation
Reflection a linear transformation that flips a figure over a line called the line of symmetry
Relection Matrix a matrix used to reflect an object over a line or plane
Rotation a transformation in which an object is moved around a center point
Rotation Matrix a matrix used to rotate an object
Row Matrix a matrix that only has one row
Scalar a real number
Solution an ordered pair representing the solution common to both equations in a system of equations
Square Matrix a matrix with the same # of rows as columns
Substitution Method a method for solving a system of equations
System of Equations a set of equations with the same variables
Transformations functions that map points of a graph onto its image
Translation a linear transformation that slides the graph vertically and/ or horizontally on the coordinate plane, but does not change its shape.
Translation Matrix the matrix used to represent the translation of a set of points with respect to (h, k)
Unbounded the solution of a linear programming problem is unbounded if the region is defined by the constraints is infinitely large.
Vertex Matrix a matrix used to represent the coordinates of the vertices of an object
Vertex Theorem
Zero Matrix a matrix whose elements are all zero
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