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physics practice qui

the term compression zone describes: A region of high density or pressure in the wave
Density particle motion temperature and pressure are considered Acoustic variables
The average speed of sound in soft tissue is 1.54 millimeters per microsecond, 1.54 meters per millisecond, 1.54 km/s, 1540 M/s
The unit which means cycles per second is the Hertz
Quartz crystal has the ability to emit an electrical signal when pressure is applied to it. This property is called the Piezo electric effect
Ultrasound is a form of Periodic motion
Which acoustic variable is measured in grams per centimeter cubed Density
Mass per unit volume equals Density
What remains constant is ultra sound propagate through the body? Frequency
What decreases as ultrasound propagates through the body? Amplitude, intensity, power
The distance of sound wave travels during one cycle is the Wavelength
What type of relationship do amplitude and power have? Direct
What type of relationship do stiffness and sound speed have? Direct
What type of. Relationship do frequency and period have? Inverse
What type of relationship do wavelength and intensity have? Unrelated
What type of relationship do frequency and velocity have? Unrelated
What is true of all waves? They carry energy from one site to another
True or false If the frequencies of two sound waves are identical, then the periods of the two waves must also be identical. True
What is the frequency of a wave determined by? The crystal thickness
What is the corresponding unit for wavelength? M/Cycle
How do high frequency wavelength compared to lower frequency wavelength? Higher frequency waves have shorter wavelength
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