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Ch 2 Native American

Glacier sheets of ice
Artifact objects made by early people
Archaeology study of evidence left by early people
Culture way of life
Adobe sun dried clay bricks
pueblo adobe houses in the Southwest
Drought long, dry spell
Native Americans first people to reach America
Mound Builder built earthworks, lived in North America 3000 years ago until the 1700's.
Hohokam lived in Arizona 2000 years ago. Dug irrigation canals to get water.
Anasazi "ancient alien ones" in the SouthWest. Built irrigation canals.
Berengia name of the land bridge between Asia and the Americas
Cultural Area a region where people share a similar way of life.
Tribe group of villages, that share common customs, language and rituals.
Igloo houses made of snow or ice. Inuits/Eskimos
Kayak boats made of animal skins
Potlatch ceremony by the NorthWest coast people to show off their wealth.
Kiva underground chamber, religious ceremonies held here by Pueblos
Hogan houses made of mud plaster. Navajos
Travois sled pulled by dogs. Plains
Tepee cone shaped tents. Plains
Longhouse houses made of wood poles. Eastern Woodlands
Clan group of 2 or more related families
Sachem tribal leaders. League of Iroquois
Inuit Arctic: hunted sea animals and fished
Pueblo Southwest: farmed corn, beans and squash.
Kachina masked dancers that represented spirits.
Apache Southwest: hunters
Navajo Southwest: hunters and farmed
Natchez Southeast: hunted, fished and farmed along the Gulf
Iroquois Woodlands: women farmed and were leaders. Men hunted.
League of Iroquois an alliance formed by the 5 Nations to end constant fighting.
Civilization advanced culture
Hieroglyphics system of writing that uses pictures
Causeway raised roads
Chinampas floating gardens. Aztecs
Absolute Power having total authority
Terrace land shaped like wide steps for farming. Incas
Aqueduct raised channels that carry water
Surplus extra crops
Maya live in Mexico and Central America. Built complex societies
Aztec Central America: power empire, farmers and worshiped the sun gods.
Tenochtitlan Aztec capital city on an island.
Inca South America; farmed in the mountains, advanced and worshiped the sun god.
Cuzco Incan capital in the Andes Mountains.
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