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Math Sort

Less Than <
Less Than <
Less Than < You build a fort with your little brother, but your mom says that it must be narrower than the 4 foot wide hall way for her to walk past.
Less Than < You are bummed that you can no longer play in some areas of SpashTown water park because the sign says you must be shorter than 4 feet to enter.
Less Than < While learning to drive, your parents will only let you drive on roads requiring drivers to go slower than 50 miles an hour.
Greater Than > While grocery shopping your mom tells you to pick out a turkey heavier than 10 pounds since you have a lot of people coming in to town.
Greater Than > You are an aspiring chef and enter the largest pizza contest, which requires your pizza to have a diameter wider than 22 inches.
Greater Than > Your sister is jealous that you can ride the Titan at Six Flags over Texas because you meet the requirement of being taller than 48 inches tall and she does not.
Greater Than >
Greater Than > Your oldest sister has some strict requirements of her boyfriends, for instance, they must be taller than her height of 65 inches.
Greater than or equal to ≥ Your mom says that you have to get a minimum of 3 classes’ homework done before you can watch any TV.
GreaterLess than or equal to ≥
Greater than or equal to ≥
Greater than or equal to ≥ Your grandparents are in town and tell your little brother that he can wake them up on Christmas morning at the earliest 7:00 a.m.
Greater than or equal to ≥ Wal-mart told customers that they could start lining up for Black Friday sales no earlier than 6 hours in advance.
Less than or equal to ≤
Less than or equal to ≤ Your grandmother says that you can spend no more than $16 at the movie theater
Less than or equal to ≤ The police man warns your older brother that he must drive less than or equal to the posted speed limit of 35 MPH
Less than or equal to ≤
Less than or equal to ≤
Created by: mperry52567