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Enlarging or reducing an image Dilation
The steepness of a line Slope
Property that changes positions of values without changing outcomes Commutative Property
An angle that measures more than 180 degrees Reflex Angle
To create or break apart a number to form an equivalent value Compose/Decompose
Polygons that have the same shape but not the same size Similar Polygons
The process of sliding a shape Translation
The process of turning a shape around a point Rotation
Property that shows how multiplication affects addition and subtraction Distributive Property
The process of moving or changing a shape Transformation
The average of a set of data Mean
The theorem that states the sum of the legs squared equals the hypotenuse squared Pythagorean Theorem
The relationship between two variables that can be drawn as a straight line Linear
Difference between the upper and lower quartile Interquartile Range
Location a line crosses the y-axis Y-Intercept
Equal value or measure Congruent
Property that regroups values without changing the outcome Associative Property
The process of reflecting a shape over a line Reflection
Product of two whole numbers Multiple
Drawing of the base of a cube with numbers to show how high each stack of cube is Mat Plan
Values found in data that are represented as mean, median, and mode Measures of Center
The most repeated value in a set of data Mode
An integer that will divide evenly into another Factor
The middle value in the ordered set of data Median
Data that are more than 1.5 times the interquartile range Outlier