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Math Applied

Math QuestionsMath Answers
TVM stands for time value money solver
for TVM, N= number of compounding periods
TVM: I%= annual interest rate
TVM: PV= present value (always negative unless it is a loan)
TVM: PMT= payment amount
TVM:FV= future value unless tou owe money (like on a loan)
TVM:P/Y= the number of payment periods per year
TVM:C/Y= number of compounding priods per year (always the same as P/Y)
TVM: END/BEGIN= always use end unless the question states otherwise
if you have an inscribed angle and a central angle subtended by the same arc then... the inscribed angle will be half of the central angle.
any inscribed angle subtended by the diameter of a circle.... will always produce a right angle
a scale drawing is a reproduction of the original diagram either smaller or larger
what is a pictoral diagram? it is a three dimensional drawing of a two dimensional object
what is an orthographic diagram? it is a two dimensional drawing of a three dimensional object
broken lines are used to show... how the different veiws of an object line up with one another
blueprints used in the building process to show how the final object should be
The y coordinate of the x intercept is 0
The x coordinate of the y intercept is 0
y = mx + b is a linear function
slope equals m
y intercept equals b
the standard form of an equations is set to equal 0
there are no ------- only whole numbers whole numbers fractions
the coefficient of the x term must be positive
the coefficient of other terms can be positive or negative
to get rid of fractions you must multiply by the denominator
y > means you shade above the dotted line
y < means you shade below the dotted line
y > or equal to means you shade above the solid line
y < or equal to means you shade below the solid line
a system of inequalities can consist of two or more inequalities and the solution is the region where the corosponding half-plane is the intersect or overlap
normal shading solution area is darkest
reverse shading solution ares is lightest
in y=mx+b, m is the slope
in y=mx+b, b is the y intercept
the x intercept is where the line crosses the x axis
to solve for x make y zero
to solve for y make x zero
Linear Equation any equation that has a degree of one and when graphed on a coordinate grid becomes a line
adding or subtracting the equations of a linear system doesn’t change the solution
sometimes to eliminate a variable you must multiply be a constant
< means less than
> means greater than
< with a line underneath means less than or equal to
> with a line underneath means greater than or equal to
inequalities with only one variable can still be shown on a grid, but they will be horizontal or vertical
the y intercept is where the line crosses the y axis
a linear system (blank)
Population Pyramid two back to back, horizontal histograms with a common vertical axis, used to interpret how people of various ages live
Multiple Line Graph two or more line graphs used to compare one comodity with another
Stacked Bar Graph bar graph with two or more stacks used to compare data
Circle Graph / Pie Chart circular graph used to chow tho relation of one part to another and to the part as a whole
Graphs compare... relationships between sets of quantities
Why do we display data in bar graphs? so that a large amount of data can be displayed in a short time period
what do bar graphs compare? two at more things that are simmilar
What is the difference between a histogram and a bar graph? a histogram has no spaces between the bars but a bar graph has spaces
in a line graph, why are the points connected? to show trends in the data
in a line graph only the points are ____________ actual values
Time related graphs their quantities depend on time
Interpolation estimation of a value between two points on the graph
Extrapolation estimation of a value beyond tho plottred points on the graph
Discrete Data can be counted using whole #’s. produces a graph with points not joined
Continuous Data allows for comtinuous cange such as volume or speed. produces graphs joined together
salary a fixed amount of money earned over a specific period of time
wage money earned daily or hourly
commission earnings based on a percent of an employee’s salary durring the pay period
graduated commision earnings based on commission; increases or decreases when sales reach a certain level
piecework earnings bassed on the number of items produced
bi-weekly once every two weeks - 26 times per year
semi-monthly twice each month - 24 times per year
weekly 52 times per year
monthly 12 times per year
annually once par year
the ---- of each graph should be clearly shown title
the --- of a graph should be drawn with a ruler bars
weather maps show... temperatures of precipitation
isobars connect places of the same barrometric pressure
isotherms connect places of the same temperature
warm fronts are indicated by red lines with semicircles
cold fronts blue lines with triangles
maps use contour lines to show outlines of hills, mountains, valleys above or below sea level
the GS selection arrow: allows tou to select a point or item
the GS point tool: allows you to draw different point on the screen to be connected
the GS compass tool: allows you to draw circles
theGS straight edge: allows you to connect points and draw line segments
the GS text tool: allows you to label the points
how do you now if a circle is selected? there will be four points around the circle that will be hilighted
how do you know if a line segment is selected? there are two boxes on the line that will be hilighted
how do you know if a point is selected? it will be hilighted with a circle around it
the midpoint of the chord, where the line meets the chord creates a ------------- on both sides of the line right angle
the pythagorean theorem formula A^2 + B^2 = C^2
the perpendicular from the centre of the circleto a chord ----- the chord bisects
the perpendicular bisector of a chord passes through the ------ of the circle center
the perpendicular bisectors of all chordsof a cirlce intersect at the ----- of the circle center
the line that passes through the center of a circle and th midpoint of a chord makes a -------- with the chord right angle
the measure of a central angle is twice the measure of an inscribes anlge: subtended by the same arc
an angle inscribed in a semicircle: is a right angle
inscribed angles subtended by the same arc: are equal
minor arc an arc that opposes the major arc
subtended opposed
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