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chemistry ocr c1

air quality

for long time , the earths early atmosphere was mostly co2. where did it come from? volcanoes
what 3 mains gases is the current atmosphere made of? nitrogen - 78% oxygen - 21% argon - 1%
name one way that pollution can cause direct harm to humans? they can cause disease and even death to people who breath it in to much
name one way that pollution can cause indirect harm to humans? by damaging the environment like acid rain.
atoms can disappear completely in some chemical reactions - true or false? FALSE
what is a hydrocarbon? hydrogen and carbon atoms ONLY
name the main element that makes up coal? carbon
when a hydrocarbon burns, with what substance do the hydrogen and carbon atoms combine? hydrogen combines with oxygen to make h2o or water and the carbon join up with oxygen to make co2
when hydrocarbons burn in plenty of oxygen, the atoms involved rearrange themselves into carbon dioxide and what else? h2o
what removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere? plants remove co2 from the air through the process of photosynthesis
what atoms make up carbon monoxide? 1C and 1O only on atom of each
when does burning release carbon monoxide? when it is incomplete
what particles of carbon otherwise known as? particulate carbon
describe briefly how sulfur dioxide is produced? sulfur comes from impurities in fuels fossil fuels contain lots of impurities, so when they are burned so is the sulfur, the sulfur then joins up with the oxygen to make sulfur dioxide
give the formulas of nitrogen monoxide and nitrogen dioxide? NO - nitrogen monoxide NO2 - nitrogen dioxide
what effects does acid rain have on the environment it cause lakes to become acidic, killing plants and animals.it also kills trees and damages some stone buildings and statues
what do catalytic converters do? they convert harmful nitrogen monoxide into harmless nitrogen and oxygen, they also convert carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide by adding oxygen
name 2 things that everyone could do in order to reduce carbon dioxide pollution you could car share or take public transport, this means you can get more people on one trip rather than having smaller groups in lots of cars
how do MOT tests help reduce air pollution there is a legal limit on how much pollution your car can produce, this means that only the cars that are clean enough will be allowed.
Created by: jack rowlands