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chem.Stack #201959

what's the amu for a proton? 1.0073
whats the amu for a neutron? 1.0087
what's the amu for an electron? .00055
where can a proton be found in an atom? nucleus
where can a neutron be found in an atom? nucleus
where is an electron found in an atom? outside the nucleus
1836 electrons = ____protons 1
lighting storm would be an example of ____ and _____ clashing protons and electrons
metals are a ___ charge postitive
nonmetals are a _____ charge negative
cations are ____ charged like metals positve
anions are ____ charged like non metals negative
metals conduct _____ and ______ electricity and heat
what has a shinny appearance, luster. ductile ( can take large pieces and make smaller) metal
metals or non-metals are good insulators? non metals
which metal is a liquid at room-temp? Hg
which non-metal is liquid at room-temp? Br
which element wants to be a non-metal and a metal? Hydrogen
Group 1A are _______ metals, are base elements with high pH alkali
group 2A are________ metals, are base elements with high pH alkaline
Group A is called the _______ group elements Main group
group 1A has ___ electrons, 2A?, 3A?, 4A?, 5A?, 6A?,7A? 1,2,3,4,5,6,7
group 7A is the____ group. Also called the _____ formers. Halogen group, salt formers
Group 8A is called the _____ group. gas
what's the oct 8 rule? there can not be no more atoms that 8 on the outside of the atom.
hat do all the elemets want to be like? nobel gases
what are the 7 diatomic elements? N, O, F, Cl, Br and H they make a 7 on the chart
out of N, O, F, Cl, Br, H which does not belong and why? Br bc its a liqiud
what's an example of a diatomic element? H(2)
what's an example of a monatomic element? Cl
what are the Calcogens? what elements do they contain? Group 6A the oxygen family. oxygen and sulfer, bc copper is made mostly of these two elements
what are the inner transistion elements? Lanthanides and Actinides
what metal is liquid? Mercury
chemical reaction occurs bc of the _____ in the atom electrons
when an atom losses an electron it becomes ______ charged positively
when a n atom gains an electron gains an electron is becomes _____ charged negatively
first ionization energy (IE) or the ionization Potential (IP) is the ? minimum amount of energy that it takes to gain or lose an electron
_______ ________ of an element is the amount of energy absorbed when the electron i s added to form an anion with a negative charge Electron affinity
____ is the friendliest of all the metals Iron
______ desolves other metals to form alloys Mercury
what do dentist use to fill cavities? Hg and Ag
qiuck silver= _____, has the lowest melting point, and dissolves gold Hg
______ is the softest metal Cesium
______ is the best conductor of heat silver
_______ is most Malleable and ductile Au
what's the lightest metal? lithium
nobel and cinage metals are? Ag, Au, C
synthetic elements are or are not found in nature? are not
atomic number = the number of ------ and ------ protons and electrons
in the Quantum Theory ----- is most massive and ----- is least massive. what moves is a form of a wave? neutrons, electrons, electrons
what's avagadro's number? 6.022x10(-) 23
how do you find % contribution of an element? find the molar mass of the elements, take each element, divide it by the molar mass,& multiply it by 100
how would yo find .05 mols of H2SO4 (molar mass= 98.1g) divide molar mass by .05 mols
Created by: devildollcarver