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Psy Exam

Module 1

Which philosopher most clearly rejected the idea that the mind is separable from the body? Aristotle
In the context of debates over the origins of knowledge, nature is to nurture as ________ is to ________. Descartes; Locke
Edward Titchener was concerned primarily with the study of: sensory experiences.
The early school of psychology that employed the method of introspection was known as: structuralism.
Who was the pragmatic philosopher and author of a major textbook for the emerging discipline of psychology? James
Ivan Pavlov pioneered the study of: learning.
Compared with the structuralists, early behaviorists were much less likely to focus on the study of: thinking.
Experience is to genes as ________ is to _______. nurture; nature
Debates as to whether alcohol abuse is biologically determined or culturally influenced are most relevant to the issue of: nature versus nurture.
Understanding why the fear of darkness may have contributed to the survival of our human ancestors is most relevant to the ________ perspective. evolutionary
Inherited traits are to learned habits as the ________ perspective is to the ________ perspective. evolutionary; behavioral
Which perspective would be most relevant to understanding the role of spaced practice on long-term memory of information? cognitive
Basic research on persistent human traits like optimism and pessimism is most characteristic of the specialty known as ________ psychology. personality
Professor Thurstone conducts basic research to investigate whether a teacher's negative perceptions of some students can affect the students' subsequent academic performance. Professor Thurstone is most likely a ________ psychologist. social
Professor Schroeder argues that children have an innate concept of justice that enables them to make distinctions between fair and unfair rules. This argument is most consistent with the views of: Socrates.
Who emphasized that mental processes could exist independently of physical states? Descartes
In debating the origins of knowledge, Plato and Aristotle disagreed about the relative importance of: nature and nurture.
Professor Boyd suggests that children in every culture can distinguish between costs and benefits because humans have an inborn understanding of economics. The professor's suggestion is most consistent with the views of: Plato.
Edward Titchener used the research method known as: introspection.
Which research method was introduced by structuralists to identify basic elements of sensory experience? introspection
Which school of psychology was most clearly concerned with the adaptive value of complex mental processes? functionalism
Wilhelm Wundt was both a: physiologist and philosopher.
The suggestion that psychology is less a set of facts than a method of evaluating ideas best highlights the ________ character of psychology. scientific
In the context of debates over the origins of knowledge, René Descartes is to John Locke as ________ is to _______. nature; nurture
The importance of inherited behavioral traits was most clearly highlighted by: Darwin.
Which perspective is most relevant to understanding the linkages between hormone levels and sexual motivation? neuroscience
Understanding the extent to which personality is influenced by motives outside of one's own awareness is most relevant to the ________ perspective. psychodynamic
A focus on the different marriage rituals practiced by members of different ethnic groups is of most relevance to the _______ perspective. social-cultural
Professor Helms conducts basic research on the progressive changes in infants' perceptual skills during the first year of life. Professor Helms is most likely a ________ psychologist. developmental
Dr. Stevens provides psychotherapy to people who suffer from excessive anxiety. Dr. Stevens is most likely a ________ psychologist. clinical
Created by: Jaz33