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U3 L1 Vocabulary

taxes ______________ are fees that the government requires people to pay in order to live and work in their state and the USA.
taxpayer A ______________ is a person who pays taxes to federal, state, county, city, and/or town governments.
community A _______________ is a group of people working together for a common good.
wages _____________ is money you earn from a job or get by another source over a period of time. It includes earned income like wages earned from working and unearned income like interest made on savings.
income tax _________________ is a tax that a person pays on his or her earned and unearned income.
earned _____________ income is money earned from working.
unearned ______________ income is money earned from sources other than working.
IRS The Internal Revenue Service (_________) is a federal agency that is responsible for collecting taxes for the US government.
NC The ______ Department of Revenue is a state agency that is responsible for collecting taxes for the state of North Carolina.
W-4 When you get a job, you will be required to complete a ________ form. This form is usually completed on your first day of work or at an employee training prior to starting work.
dependent A ____________ is a person who relies on another person, usually a family member, for financial support.
15th You must file your federal and state income taxes by April _________.
W-2 Before completing your federal & state income tax forms, you will need your________ form from your employer. It will show how much money you made and how much you paid in taxes from the previous year.
1040EZ If you are single, make less than $100,000 per year, have no children, and are younger than 65, you should use the _________ federal tax form. You can obtain this form online from the IRS website or at your local library.
D400 If you live in North Carolina, are single, and earn more than $5,500 per year, you should use the __________ form to file your state income taxes.
Created by: ladoraloggins
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