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Chapters 1-2

Stg Questions

The primary motivation behind Chemistry is to:a. develop new productsb. make moneyc. understand an environmental problemd. gain knowledge d. gain knowledge
Applied Chemistry or chemical technology is designed to:a.solve a particular problemb. develop new productsc. gain knowledged. learn for the sake of learning a. solve a problem
chemistry is:a. a biological scienceb. a physical sciencec. concerned mostly with living thingsd. the study of electricity b. physical science
briefly define the five branches of chemistry organic-study of carbon substancesinorganic-study of non carbon substamcesphysical- study of the behavior of chemical energy and matteranalytical- composition of substancesbiochemistry- study ofliving organisms
Physical or chemical change:a ice meltingb paper burningc milk souringd gas under pressuree liquid evaporatingf food digestingg leaves changing color a.physicalb.chemicalc. physicald. physicale. chemicalf physicalg physical
mass and matter mass the amount of matter an object containsmatter any thing that has mass and takes up space
element and compound element building block compound combination of two or more elements
pure substance matter that has uniform and definite composition
physical and chemical property physical can be observed or measured without changing the substance compositionchemical substance undergos a chemical reaction and to form a new substance
homo and heter mixtures homo can only see one hetero can see both or all
extensive depends on the amoutn of matter that is present volume mass energy
intensive does not depend on the amoutn of matter that is present melting point boiling point density
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