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Acids and bases

Chapter 20 and 22

to find out if something is an acid or a base use litumus paper
blue litmus changes to red in Acid
Red litmus changes to blue in Base
Both acids and bases can burn you. they are said to be Corrosive
pH tells us how strong and acid or base is
the pH scale goes from 1 to 14
what is an indicator? a substance we use to tell us by a colour change whether a solution is an acid or a base
Acid in vinegar ethanoic
acid in lemons citric
Neutraalisation occurs when an acid and a base react together to make a salt and water
a base which dissolves in water is called an alkali
Chemical formula for salt NaCl
A titration is a procedure used to find out how much acid is needed to neutralise a base
acid always goes into the burette
base is measured using a pipette
during a titration the base is placed into the conical flask
methyl orange indicator changes colour from orange to Pink
when doing a titration why is the indicator left out the last time the titration is done You all ready know how much acid to add so it is not needed
How is the salt recovered evaporate the water
acid found in car batteries Sulphuric
a substance with a pH of 4 is an acid
sodium hydroxide is commonly called caustic soda
the acid found in acid rain is Carbonic acid
examples of fossil fuels include coal turf and wood
Natural gas is also called methane
cars emit a gas called nitrogen dioxide
problems caused by acid rain include killing fish and trees
to solve the problem of acid rain we can use a catalytic converter in a car
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