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The study of large numbers⏎

Googol 10 with 100 zeroes
Googolplex 10 with a googol zeroes
BIGFOOT The largest number discovered
Centillion 10 with 303 zeroes
Decillion 10 with 33 zeroes
Gargoogol 10 with 200 zeroes
Googolgong 10 with 100,000 zeroes
Million 10 with 6 zeroes
Billion 10 with 9 zeroes
7,371,772,101 Population of the earth
Trillion 10 with 12 zeroes
Zero Nothing
Infinity Never-ending number
Great Googol 10 with 1000 zeroes
Vigintillion 10 with 66 zeroes
Quadrillion 10 with 15 zeroes
Quintillion 10 with 18 zeroes
Sextillion 10 with 21 zeroes
Septillion 10 with 24 zeroes
Thousand 10 with 3 zeroes
Octillion 10 with 27 zeroes
Nonillion 10 with 30 zeroes
Googolduplex 10 with a Googolplex zeroes
Sexdecilliard 10 with 99 zeroes
Googolswarm 10 with 110 zeroes
13,700,000,000 Age of the universe in years
Googolcrowd 10 with 105 zeroes
Googolding 10 with 500 zeroes
Quindecillion 10 with 48 zeroes
602,214,129,270,000,000,000,000 1 mole
Undecillion 10 with 36 zeroes
Duodecillion 10 with 39 zeroes
Tredecillion 10 with 42 zeroes
Gogol 10 with 50 zeroes
Googolbell 10 with 5000 zeroes
Googoltoll 10 with 10,000 zeroes
Millionplex 10 with 1 million zeroes
Googolbong 10 with 100 million zeroes
1 Smallest whole number
Many large numbers are based off of powers of ___ Ten
Hundred 10 with 2 zeroes
Rayo's number Largest number before discovery of BIGFOOT
Googoltriplex 10 with a Googolduplex zeroes
2,400,000,000 Gangnam style view count
Created by: Stormwright