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Arabian peninsula ts

What are some characteristics of the desert environment? hot and dry. Very harsh. In the summer=120 degrees. Rains for 3 to 4 inches.
What are some characteristics of the oasis environment? Fertile land. Vary in size. Lots of springs and waterfalls. plants life sprouts up.
What are some characteristics of the costal plains environment? Between 5& 40 miles in land. Rocky cliffs. and moist and damp air.
What are some characteristics of the mountains environment? mountains rise up to 1,000-12,000 feet high. 20 miles of rain each year. Elevation and rain help keep cool.
Describe the ways people lived in the desert? Raising sheep,goats,and camels. setting up tents. Rode camels. More trade routes.
Describe the ways people lived in the oasis? Dig deep holes to obtain more water for crops. Use date Paris tree wood. Leaves for roofs and ropes.
Describe the way people lived in the costal plains? substitutes farming. irrigated the land. Grains, fruit, and vegies.
Describe the way people lived in the mountains? Grew fruits like melons, and pomegranates. They use it for soil. Farmers construct dams and irrigation systems. People farmed on steep slopes.
Define the word Nomad. Nomads are Bedouins.
Define the word Bedouins. Bedouins are Arab herders.
Define the word clan. people who are related by blood and or marriage.
why did market town in the Arabian Peninsula grow into larger cities. Because of Trade
What are some products that people traveled to the Arabian Peninsula to gain? Incense,prefumes,and cooper.
Define the word Caravan. A company or travelers journeying together.
why was mecca an important religious center? Because the Ka'aba was located there.
Define the word Pilgrimage. A journey to a scared place.
Define the word polytheism. The belief in many gods.
Define the word Monotheism. The belief in one god.
What is the ka'aba? It is an ancient religious shrine located in the trading city called mecca.
who ere the four caliphs? Abu Bakr, Umar,Uthman,and Ali.
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