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Charriez MBSID 1

Charriez MBSID ONE

virtue general moral excellence
vile repulsive, disgusting
constitutes consists of, made of
vicious evil, nasty
taproom bar, tavern
Lobsterbacks Nasty way to describe British soldiers
steeple a tall tower on a church
sloth laziness, no ambition
treason trying to overthrow your own government, a crime
massacred savage killing of many victims
inscription something written on stone or in a book
Loyalists People loyal to England
swill to drink (something) greedily or to excess: to guzzle
rebellious actiong against a government
gaudy chaeply showy in a tasteless way; flashy
prevail to succeed, to become dominant; win
subversion resisting control or authority
Tories People loyal to England
ammunition bullets; pobjects loaded in a weapon
agitators One who works against something; an example would be those who participated in the Boston Tea Party
rushing weaving a seat for a chair
skirmishes small battles
ciphering math
surveyor surveyor, someone who plots out parcels of land
speculating buying and selling land to make money
thrash beat or punish physically
cholera illness due to bad water
consumption a disease of the lungs
shad fish
Created by: Ms. Charriez