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relative money

Buoyant Capable of maintaining a satisfactory high level
Frugal The spend resources money with care not aver using
Consciousness State of being o wake and able to think
Currency relative of money
Valor Showing bravery or having courage
Egress The action of right of going or coming out
Imprinted Creating o lasting effect or lesson
Recuperated Go better healed
Mundane Relating to ordinary life on earth than to spiritual things
Prospective A was of looking al thing point of view
Oblivious Not paying attention
Pre-requisitive A course that must be completed before another
Steward The person in charge for instance of money
Respirartion Medical act or process of breatning
Perseverance Continuing toward a goal inspire of hard ships
Disqualified Not approved for
Exasperated Irritated or annoyed especially to the point of injudicious action
Passionate Showing or cause by strong feelings or strong belief
Audicious Bold or caring, specially for an plant
Conscientious one who shows great responsibility of duty
Contraband Illegal substances or material
declined Turned down; said "no" to bend
Forlorn Miserable without hope
imprinted Creating a lasting effed or lesson
sweltering very hot; apprehensively warm
Funk A depressed mood
Terminal Deadly; no cure
holistic Dealing with the big picture, not small componets
consise Brief and t the point
attire The clothes that your wear
competent Capable or able to do somethong
incessantly without stopping
embellish to improve by exaggerating or adding details
initiative The act of leaking the first step or standing something
endeavor To make a real effort or attempt to do something
Lament To feel sorry about or mourn
qualifications Any skill or ability that is necessary for a job
Transcrip A document showing complete course credits & grades
Syllabus A course "contract" That spells out requirements schedule etc.
DSS A College offices that support with needs
Certificate A Document that acceleration proves successful program
Default To need meet obligations especially financial ones
GPA Total quantity points divided by total credit hours
Degree evaluation An Analysis of completed course work to confirm success
FAFSA The for students complete to apply for financial aid
Transferrred To move from one location to another like college credits
Major The focus area of study, esp, in preparation for a carreer
Text The book required for a course
Academic Advisor One Who counsels students through their studies
Development Courses designed to support students skills deficiencie
Commencement Ceremony a the end of one's studies start of next phase
Financial aid Monies to help students complete their programs
Accommodation Adjustments mode to help students with special needs
Associate's degree A 2 year degree often associated with carrier path
Application A document requesting a service
destutute In poor condition impoverished
Persevered To keep going even though it was tough
accelerated To move faster to going speed
Complexity On e who shows great responsibility of duty
neurosurgery Surgery of nervous structures brain surgery
mentor A wise advisory teacher or coach
Scrounge To seek to find sometimes bu begging of stealing
Remote Located at distance; not close or conveniet
Congenital Naturally having a specific character since birth
Mangroves Tropical trees that has roots which grow from its branches and that grows in swamps or shallow
Causeway raised way across wet ground or water
rotors The blades of helicopter
Respiratory Therapist One whose career relates to helping with breathing issues
ISolette Use for an incubator for premature infants that provides controlled temperature
Neonatal Relating to affecting the newborn and specially the human infant
Daunting Very difficult challenging
Procession A group moving forward in a straight line
Laceration Cut or incision on one's skin
maneuvered To move or get by careful planning in action
Intolerable Not able to be endured
gritty Dirty or harzardours
Wrenched To open by force, esp, with a twisting motion
assaulted In this context, confronted by as in noise or heat
Inventive Of a person having the ability to crate or design new things or to think originally
Quaint Attractively unusual or old fashioned
Commitment A commitment ceremony can look just like a wedding, complete with church,wedding grown, and hundreds guest - bat not married license
Unfocused Not concentrating on a single goal or point
Nonchalantly Is and adv that means is an unconcerned manner.
gratifying Giving pleasure satisfaction pleasing
Tangible Capable of being perceived by the sense of touch, a firm belief in the existence of the soul, even though it is not all tangible
Sturdy Firmly built constituted marked by or reflecting physical strength or vigor
Stark Severe or bare in appearance aotline
Circumstances A fact or condition connected with or relevant to an or action one's state of financial o material welfare
Fascinating Extremely interesting charming
Rugged Having a broken rocky, and uneven surface.
Vital Absolutely necessary or important essential full of energylively
essentials A thing that is absolutely necessary
Yearned Have an intense feeling of longing for something, typically something that one has lost or been separated from.
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