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Mira GCSE Unit 1

Holidays and weather

Descansé I rested
Monté a caballo. I went horse riding.
Nadé. I swam
Patiné. I skated.
Esquié. I skied.
Hice yoga. I did yoga.
Hice alpinismo. I went climbing.
Hice vela. I went sailing.
Hice caída libre. I went sky diving.
Fui a clases de baile. I went to dance classes.
Di una vuelta en bicicleta. I went for a bike ride.
Vi lugares de interés. I visited places of interest.
No tuve miedo. I wasn't scared.
¿Qué tiempo hizo? What was the weather like?
Hizo buen tiempo. The weather was good.
Hizo mal tiempo. The weather was bad.
Hizo calor. It was hot.
Hizo frío. It was cold.
Hizo sol. . It was sunny
Hizo viento. It was windy.
Hubo niebla. It was foggy.
Hubo tormenta. It was stormy
Llovió. It rained.
Nevó. It snowed.
¡Lo pasé genial! I had a great time!
¡Lo pasé muy bien! I had a very good time!
¡Lo pasé bien! I had a good time!
¡No me gustó nada! I didn't like it at all!
¡Lo pase mal! I had a bad time
¡Fue un poco aburrido! It was a bit boring!
¡Fue un poco aburrido! It was a bit boring!
¿Que tal tus vacaciones? What were your holidays like?
Me quedé en… I stayed in...
Me alojé en… I stayed in...
un hotel de cinco estrellas a 5 star hotel
un albergue juvenil a youth hostel
un camping a campsite
un parador a 'parador' (a converted historical building)
una pensión a B and B
Estaba… I was (location)
en la costa/en la montaña on the coast/ in the mountains
al lado de la playa next to the beach
en el centro de la ciudad in the town centre
bien/mal equipado/a well/ badly equipped
Era/No era (nada)… It was/ It wasn't (at all)...
acogedor(a) welcoming
antiguo/a old
nuevo/a new
(poco) cómodo/a (un)comfortable
bonito/a pretty
feo/a ugly
caro/a expensive
barato/a cheap
animado/a lively
tranquilo/a quiet
lujoso/a luxurious
Tenía/No tenía… ni… It had? It didn't have...
Había/No había… Ther was/ were.../ There wasn't/ weren't...
Tampoco había… Neither was there/ were there...
(un) bar/gimnasio/restaurante (típico) a bar/ gym/ (typical) restaurant
(una) discoteca/piscina climatizada/sauna/cafetería/cocina comunitaria a disco/ heated pool/ sauna/ café/ communal kitchen
Lo mejor/peor era que… The best thing/ worse thing was...
Created by: WelshPolyglot