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Chem Midterm Review

This state of matter has a definite volume but indefinite shape. Liquid
The transition from liquid to gas is called this Vaporization / evaporation
Silver tarnishing is an example of this type of change. Chemical change.
This is something that cannot be broken down into simpler substances a pure substance (elements and compounds)
These are the three pieces of evidence of a chemical change. Color changes, temperature changes, and gases evolved?
This group on the periodic table has a charge (oxidation state) of +1. alkali metals?
Which is the smallest atom/ion in the following list: Al, Al1+, Al2+. Al2+
This is the only metalloid in period 6. Astatine
What element in group 16 (6A) has the smallest radius? Oxygen
On the periodic table, elements with the same number of valence electrons are called this. groups (families)
This is the formula for a compound formed from zinc and sulfur. ZnS
The Calcium Ion has a similar electronic structure to this element. Argon
Alkaline Earth Metals form these types of ions. cations (+2)
This is what the number in Roman Numerals used when naming compounds with transition metals represents their charge
This is the number of atoms in the compound Magnesium Phosphate. 13
The number of protons is called the _______. atomic number
The mass number tells you __________. the number of protons and neutrons in the nucleus?
Energy is released when electrons move from a ______ state to a _______ state. excited to ground
What are the three subatomic particles, their charge, and location. proton (nucleus, +1), neutron (0, nucleus), electron (energy levels, -1)
Atoms that have different number of neutrons but the same number of protons are called ______. isotopes
This is the idea that states that matter cannot be created or destroyed in any chemical process. The law of conservation of matter?
This is the number of protons in an atom with a mass number of 20 and atomic number of 9. 9
This scientist said that electrons can only be found in specific orbitals around the nucleus. Neils Bohr
He developed the plum pudding model. Thompson
This person formalized the idea that an atom is a tiny indivisible particle. Dalton
What are the number of protons, neutrons, and electrons in this: 25 2+ Mg 12 p=12, n=13, e=10
This is the SI unit for mass. kilogram
This is the type of mixture that scatters light and does not settle out. Colloid
Water freezes at this temperature and boils at this temperature. 273 K (00C) and 373 K (100C)?
How do you convert from Celcius to Kelvin Add 273
This is the mass of a black with a volume of 3 cm3 and a density of 5 g/cm3. 15g
Elements from the same group are also said to be from this. The same family
This person developed the first periodic table or is considered the Father of the Periodic Table. Mendeleev
This is the number of electrons in the outermost shell / valence level of nitrogen. 5 electrons
This general classification of elements is considered to be poor conductors of heat. Nonmetals
Element number 119 would have similar properties to this element on the periodic table. Francium
This is the formula for a compound formed from silver and oxygen. Ag2O
The Boron Ion has a similar electronic structure to this element. Helium
This is the charge of the cation in the following compound: CrS2. What is +4?
In order to gain a full octet (valence electron level) Sulfur must do this. What is gain 2 electrons?
This is the number of atoms in the compound Ammonium Sulfate. 15
The number 1020300 has how many significant figures. 5
When I multiply the numbers 4.5 and 390.240, the answer will have this many significant figures. 2
This is the number 3527030000000 in scientific notation. 3.52703 x 1012
This is the sum of the numbers 8.901 and 0.055555 written in scientific notation. 8.957
When writing down a measurement, you must make sure that the digits include this. What are all of the measured #’s and 1 level of estimation?
When an electron goes from an excited (higher) state back to the ground (lower) state, this is released. light energy
An atom with 8 protons, 9 neutrons, and 10 electrons has this mass number. 17
Compared to the original atom, its ion would have a different number of these, and its isotope would have a different number of these. electrons and neutrons
He is credited with the discovery of the nucleus, the existence of protons, and the idea that the atom is composed mostly of empty space. Rutherford
The most reactive elements on the periodic table are found here, while the least are found here on the periodic table. left side and right side
Created by: Mr_Bird