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Chapter 1

The basic particle of any element adam
the force of attraction between two atoms chemical bond
a group of 2 or more atoms held together by chemical bonds molecule
a substance that cannot be broken down into any other substance element
shows the elements and ratio of atoms in a compound chemical formula
a substance made of two or more elements chemically combined in a set ratio compound
2 or more substances together in the same place but not chemically combined mixture
Anything that has mass and volume matter
2 main categories of matter sustance and mixture
all matter have both these types of properties that help describe how it looks and acts chemical and physical
pure forms of matter can be subdivided into 2 groups elements and compounds
What represents forms of matter with only 1 kind of atom symbol
what represents the forms of matter with more then one kind of atom molecule
What type of matter cannot be seperated with physical means pure forms of matter
Matter that is physically combined and can be seperated into two types hetergenous and homogenous
4 types of separating processes filtration, attraction, distillation and evaporation
the study of matter and how ti changes Chemistry
A balloon filled with air does not rise as high as a balloon filled with helium. What does this tell you about density of helium? Helium is less dense then air
The amount of matter in an object is a measure of its mass
the formula for calculating density is mass/volume
What statement about mass of an object is correct mass remains constant
The SI unit of mass is Cubic Meter3
One liter is equal to 1000 millilters
An objects weight is less on the moon then on the earth. On the moon the objects mass stays the same
Four measurable properties of matter are mass, weight, volume and density
The SI unit of volume is cubic meter (m3)
a molecule is the smallest part of a substance
compounds are formed as a result of chemical combination
a mixture of iron and sulfur can be seperated by magnetic attraction
The ratio of hydrogen atoms to sulfur atoms in sulfuric acid H2SO4 2 to 1
the simplest type of subtance is compound
the SI unit of mass Kilogram (kg)
examples of compounds water, ammonia, carbon dioxide
mixture that you can see the different parts and can be easily seperated out heterogeneous
Example of hetergenous mixture salad- tomatoe, lettuce, onions
A mixture where the sustances are so evenly mixed that you can't see the different parts Homogenous mixture
exmaple of homogenous mixture air
the physcial property that makes metal pots good for cooking heat conductvity
which of the following is true about matter it has mass and takes up space
which is not true about a pool of water and a piece of ice they have different chemical properties
characteristcs used to descibe matter are called physical properties
3 states of matter solid, liquid and gas
the metal tungsten used in incandescent light bulbs because of its porperty of high melting point
the ability of iron to rust is a chemical property
a single kind of matter that has a specific composition substance
Another term for the ability to burn flammibility
texture is a physcial property
ability to react with othe rsubstances chemical property
ability to conduct heat physcial property
hardness is a physical property
lack of ability to rust is a chemical property
what is an example of a substance table salt
which property of a substance can only be observed if the substance changes into a different substance chemical property
The boiling point of a substance is what type of property physcial property
what type of change occurs when energy is added or removed phsical and chemical change
what type of change occurs if a new substance is produced chemical change
A substance changes form, but it remians the same substance is what type of change physical
Freezing water is what type of change physical
The energy stored in the chemical bonds between atoms chemical energy
a change in which enery is absorbed endothermic change
a measrue of energy of motion of the particles of matter temperature
the total energy of all the particles in an object thermal energy
the fact tha tmatter is netiher created nor destoyed in any physical or chemical change law of conservation of mass
a change in which energy is released exothermic change
a change in matter that produces one or more new substances chemical change
alters the form or appearance of matter but does not turn any substance in the matter into another substance physical change
what are examples of physcial changes glass breaking, ice melting, sugar dissolving
what is not a example of a physcial change iron rusting
the energy stored in bonds between atoms is chemical energy
Matter can be changed in 2 ways chemically and physically
Examples of chemical changes combustion, tarnishing, oxidation
What is the ability to do work or cause change energy
Every chemical and physical change in matter includes a change in energy
Like matter, energy is conserved in what type of change chemical change
measure of how hot or cold something is temperature
what is related to teh energy of motion of the particles of matter temperature
what is the total energy of all the particles in an object thermal energy
direction thermal energy flows from warmer matter to cooler matter
the measure of the force of gravity on an object weight
what varies with location within the solar system weight
the amount of matter in an object mass
What is constant and does not change with location mass
the system used to measure the properties of matter international system of units or SI
How many grams in a kilogram 1000 grams
the amount of space matter occupies volume
how many milliliters in a liter 1000 millilters
Volume calculation length X width X height
the measure of the mass of a material in a given volume density
density measurement g/cm3 or g/ml
density calcuation mass / volume
Density is what type of property physical property
what is a single kind of matter that is pure and has a specific set of properties substance
a characteristic that belongs to a person or thing property
tells you the relationship between 2 or more things ratio
Examples of matter air, plastic, metal, wood, glass, paper
the basic particle from which all elements are made atom
when atoms combine they form what type of bond chemical bond
the force of attraction between two atoms chemical bond
a group of two or more atoms held together with chemical bonds molecule
A substance made of two or more elements that are chemically combined in a set ratio compound
what shows the elements in the compound and the ratio of atoms chemical formula
chemical formula for carbon dioxide CO2
what holds the hydrogen and oxygen atoms together in a water molecule chemical bonds
2 or more substances that are together in the same place, but their atoms are not chemically bond mixture
disolving sugar in water is what type of change physical change
What type of change is filtration and distillation physical change
when matter is not created or destroyed in any chemical or physical change is called the law of conservation of mass
the energy stored in the chemical bonds between atoms is a form of what type of energy chemical
What type of energy do bears get from its food chemical energy
example of chemical property flammability
what is a substance table salt because it is a pure matter
which is an element oxygen
how can you prove dissolving table salt in water is a physical change you can evporate the water and only the salt remains
the ability to dissolve in water and conduct electric current are examples of physical properties
which 2 pieces of equipment what be most useful for measuring mass and volume balance and metric ruler
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