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Chemistry Vocab

This is made up of only one kind of atom Element
This is made up of two or more elements that are chemically combined Compound
You can start a fire by rubbing 2 sticks together. The friction is the Activation energy
When the H of one water molecule is attracted to the O of another water molecule this is a Hydrogen bond
It an atom loses an electron it becomes a(n) cation
When an atom gains an electron it becomes a(n) anion
When a ___ bond is formed the shared electrons help to fill electron shells. Covalent
This type of bond is formed when electrons are transferred between atoms. Ionic
This food has a high concentration of H+ ions. Apple, pH 2.9
This food has a low concentration of H+ ions. Milk, pH 8.6
Carbohydrates do not contain this element. Nitrogen
The monomer of a carbohydrate is Glucose
Nitrogen is found in this macromolecule. Protein
Glycerol and fatty acids are the building blocks for this. Lipid
The # of thymine molecules in a sample of DNA will always be the same as the # of these. Adenine
The primary use of this macromolecule is as a source of energy. Carbohydrate
In order to bond two amino acids together ___ must be released. Water
The 4 nucleotides in DNA differ from one another only in the ___ they contain. Nitrogen Base
This base will NOT be found in an RNA molecule. Thymine
Genetic information is passed from parent to offspring in the form of this. DNA
The monomer of a protein is a(n) ___. Amino Acid
The reaction in which a bond is broken releasing a monomer from a polymer. Hydrolysis
A reaction in which a bond is created between monomers. Dehydration Synthesis
These bonds hold amino acids together. Peptide
This is the type of bond that holds that atoms togehter within a water molecule Polar Covalent Bond
This is the type of bond that holds two separate molecules of water together. Hydrogen
When water molecules stick to eachother it is called this. Cohesion
When water molecules stick to other surfaces it is called this. Adhesion
A paperclip can be floated on the surface of water because of this property. Surface Tension
Water is an efficient solvent because of this polarity
Water absorbs and stores a large amount of heat while warming up is due to this property. High specific heat capacity
Water becomes ___ dense as it changes from a liquid to a solid. Less
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