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Chemistry Test 1 & 2

Creation Mandate Reveals why God made humans
Dominion Science Scientific activity that exercises dominion for the glory of God and the benefit of other humans
Scientific Models Are simplified representations that characterize a system or explain a phenomenon
Presuppositions Ideas that a person assumes to be true without proof
Bias Scientist's presuppositions affect his interpretation of scientific phenomena by causing him to prefer certain conclusions over other conclusions
Christian Worldview Based on the teachings of the Christian Scriptures
Chemisrty The study of matter and the changes that it undergoes
Matter Anything that takes up space and has mass
Science The total collection of knowledge gained through the systematic observation of nature
Applied Science Explores natural products and processes for specific applications
Pure Science Probes nature simply to learn new thing about the universe we live in
Quantitative Data Describes observations using numerical data
Qualitative Data Describes observations using nonnumerical data
Controlled Experiment Only one condition is varied at a time to isolate and measure its effect on the outcome
Theory Scientists has discovered and tested some idea which consistently explains a certain phenomenon
Scientific Law A statement which describes observations made under many different conditions as a recognizable, repeating pattern in nature
Scientific Method One specific process within scientific inquiry that uses a general, inductive approach to discover information about our universe
Physical Properties A material determined by how the particles that compose the material relate to one another
Density The amount of matter packed into a given volume
Malleability The ability of a substance to be hammered easily into shapes or thin sheets
Ductility The ability of a substance to be drawn into long thin wires
Chemical Properties Describes how matter acts in the presence of other material or how it changes composition when sufficient energy is added to it
Physical Changes Changes that occur in a material without changing the identity of materials
Pure Substances Consists of only one type of matter
Mixture A material that can be separated into two or more pure substances by physical changes
Heterogeneous Mixture Appear to consist of two or more materials segregated into distinct regions, called phases
Homogeneous Mixture Appear the same throughout and have on phase
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