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Lab Safety Rule

Should you use goggles when handling Bunsen Burners? Yes, you should it's a STATE LAW.
If your hair extends beyond your shoulders should you leave it as it is or should you tie it back? You should always tie it back just in case.
Should you mix random chemicals without knowing what would happen? No, you should NEVER do that unless you are sure of the results.
If the mixture you made does not smell poisonous should you taste it? No, you should not unless your teacher directs you to.
If you spilled some unknown chemicals should you clean it up without telling the teacher? No, you should not because the unknown chemical might be harmful.
If you happen to see a broken apparatus, should you tell a teacher? Yes you should because broken material can hurt you.
If some mystery formula spills should you either tell the teacher or should you clean it up? You should tell the teacher first so your teacher can prevent any injuries from happening.
If a formula is extremely flammable should you hold it over a Bunsen Burner? No you should not because the flammable liquid might catch on fire.
Should you skip the direction before mixing formulas? No you should not because if you mix the wrong liquids together someone might get injured.
If the teacher tells the class to stop with their experiments should you keep going or should you stop? You should stop because the teacher may stop the class because someone might get hurt, it could even be you.
If you need to give some one a test tube and the person is in front of a Bunsen Burner should you reach over it? No you should not because you might get burned.
If you were holding a test tube over a Bunsen Burner should you cool the test tube down before touching it? Yes you should because you have a slimmer chance of being burned.
when you are cleaning up should you wash the test tubes before you put them back? Yes you should then the next person who uses it should have no problem with it.
Created by: Akim1020