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AZ Dental Plans

AZ State Health Insurance Dental Plans

What are examples of Diagnostic and Preventative services? x-rays, annual checkups, etc.
Define Restorative Care returning function to natural teeth by way of fillings, crowns, etc.
Oral Surgery Operative treatments such as tooth extraction
Endodontics treatment for dental pulp within natural teeth i.e- root canal
Periodontics treatment for supporting tissue (gums)
Prosthodontics Replacement of missing teeth with dentures or artificial devices.
Orthodontics Treatment of natural teeth to prevent or correct anomalies ex: braces
What is a scheduled plan? It pays benefits from a pre-written list of procedures up to the amount shown. Provides first dollar benefits without coinsurance or deductibles.
What is a nonscheduled plan? Pays on a reasonable and customary basis. Subject to coinsurance and deductibles.
What two things are not subject to deductibles and coinsurance? Preventative and Diagnostic Services.
What are basic services? fillings, oral surgery, periodontics, and endodontics.
What are major services? inlays, crowns, dentures, orthodontics.
Features of basic and comprehensive plans make up a? Combination plan.
Are cosmetic and elective services included in coverage? No, unless the need is caused by an accident.
How often can you get a routine exam? Once every 6 months.
How often are x-rays covered? Once every 2-3 years.
When can dentures be replaced? Once every 5 years.
What basic dental services must a prepaid plan cover? Emergency dental service on a 24 hour basis. Diagnostic services Preventative Services Restorative Services.
Describe a PPO Dental Plan. - Dentists are paid on a fee-for-service basis rather than a salary. - Can utilize any dentist the member chooses, but not discounted as much.
Created by: jgray2015
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