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Questions to help you prepare for next Friday's quiz.

What is a stock? Part ownership in a company.
What are the two ways you can make money on a stock? 1. Selling for more than you paid. 2.Dividends
What is a dividend? The company pays a percentage of its' earnings to the shareholders, as a thank you for owning stock.
What is a ticker symbol? The abbreviation for the company, how it is listed on the stock market.
What does the 52 week range tell you about a stock? The highest and lowest prices the stock has been in the past year.
What are the 3 reasons the stock market has struggled lately? 1. China's economy 2. The Fed raising interest rates 3. Cheap oil
What is the difference between a private company and a public company? Private companies are not traded on the stock market, they are owned by a family or small group of investors. Public companies are traded on the stock market.
If you sell stocks for less than what you paid for it, you experienced a __________. loss
What is P/E? Price/Earnings
What does P/E tell you about a stock? The amount of growth people expect a company to make in the next year.
What is the average P/E? Between 15-25
What does it mean if the P/E is higher than 25? People expect the company to make higher than average growth.
What does it mean if the P/E is less than 15? People don't expect the company to grow much.
When should you use the P/E to help make investment decisions? When you are comparing stocks within the same industry.
Explain why the P/E for one company could be lower, but the current price per share is still higher (Ex: Pepsi and Coke) There are more things that go into the current price per share, like their advertisements, product variety, whether they pay dividends.
Created by: k.jillette