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Lab Equipment SVHS

Common Chemistry Lab Equipment

thermometer used to measure temperature
ring stand used as a support for clamps during heating
utility clamp used to hold test tube.
ring clamp used to clamp onto a ring stand to sit a beaker or flask
wire gauze used to suspend a beaker or other such glassware while it is being heated
goggles used to protect the eyes from flying objects or chemical splashes
clay triangle used to support crucibles while heating
triple beam balance used to find mass
wire brush used to clean glassware
pinch clamp used to close rubber tubing
test tube holder used hold a test tube while it is being heated
crucible tongs used to pick up and hold crucibles
foreceps used to pick up small objects
crucible used to heat small amounts of a solid
watch glass used to prevent splashes
evaporating dish used to evaporate liquids from a mixture
stirring rod used to stir mixtures
spring scale used for measuring weight
erlenmeyer flask used to heat and mix liquids by swirling
wash bottle used for rinsing glasses or distributing water
graduated cylinder used to measure the volumes of liquids and small solids
test tube used to hold and heat chemicals
beaker used to hold and heat liquids
funnel used to transfer liquids
beaker tongs used for picking up beakers
mortar and pestel used to pound or ground solids into a powder
striker used to light a Bunsen Burner
test tube rack used to hold test tubes
bunsen burner used for heating
scoopula used for transferring dry chemicals
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