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Test Vocabulary

Words throughout the tests

Abundant existing or available in large quantities; plentiful
Component a part or element of a larger whole, especially a part of a machine or vehicle
Crumple crush (something, typically paper or cloth) so that it becomes creased and wrinkled.
Tarnish lose or cause to lose luster, especially as a result of exposure to air or moisture. "silver tarnishes too easily" synonyms:discolor, rust, oxidize, corrode, stain, dull, blacken "gold does not tarnish easily"
Oxidize combine or become combined chemically with oxygen. "when coal is burned any sulfur is oxidized to sulfur dioxide" CHEMISTRY-undergo or cause to undergo a reaction in which electrons are lost to another species.
Condense change or cause to change from a gas or vapor to a liquid.
Compressed flatten by pressure; squeeze; press.
Infer deduce or conclude (information) from evidence and reasoning rather than from explicit statements.
Deduce arrive at (a fact or a conclusion) by reasoning; draw as a logical conclusion. "little can be safely deduced from these figures" synonyms: reason, work out, infer; More
Granular resembling or consisting of small grains or particles.
Distinguish perceive or point out a difference. "bees are unable to distinguish between red, black, and various grays"
Sequentially in succession without others coming in between <number the art prints in the limited edition sequentially so that collectors will know which one they have
Malleable (of a metal or other material) able to be hammered or pressed permanently out of shape without breaking or cracking.
Ductile (of a metal) able to be drawn out into a thin wire.
Reagent a substance or mixture for use in chemical analysis or other reactions. "this compound is a very sensitive reagent for copper"
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