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3rd Quarter Eng 10

Animal Farm Vocabulary

apathy n. lack of interest or concern, indifference
blithe adj. joyous but oblivious
conciliate v. to reconcile or renew a friendship
confer v. to consult together; carry on a discussion or deliberation
enmity n. absolute hatred
ensconce v. to cover or shelter; hide securely
ignominious adj. deserving disgrace or shame; despicable
machination n. a crafty scheme; the act of plotting
maxim n. an expression of a general truth or principle; rule of conduct
preeminence n. superiority to all others
scathe v. to attack with severe criticism
whelp n. a youth, esp. a despised one
capitulate v. to surrender under specified conditions; to give up all resistance
degrade v. to lower in dignity, character, or quality
dissident adj. disagreeing as in an opinion or attitude
gambol v. to skip about, as in dancing or playing; frolic
impending adj. about to happen; imminent
procure v. to obtain or get by care, effort, or the use of special means
reproach v. to blame for something; disgrace
indefatigable adj. incapable of being worn out
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