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la the, "third person direct object"
el the
en on, in
y and
a at, to
ser to be[norm]
no no
se [“reflexive” marker]
un an, a
lo [3rd person][dir obj-m], the
decir say, to tell
hacer make, to do
su her, his, their, your[formal]
haber to have
tener to have
me me[obj]
otro another, other
por for, by, through
con with
todo every, all
más more
para to, for, in order to
yo I[subj]
como as, like
si whether, if
poder can, to be able to
dar to give
le [3rd person][indir obj]
estar to be
pero yet, but, except
qué which?, what?, how !
este this[m][esta[f]]
entre among, between
pasar spend[time], to pass
mi my
uno one
primero first
donde where
porque because
deber ought to, should, to owe
ese that[m][esa[f]]
nos us[obj]
ni neither, not even, nor
sobre over, on top of, about
o or
cuando when
hombre mankind, man, husband
grande great, large, big
ir to go
alguno someone[pron], some
muy really, very
forma shape, form, way
cada every, each
algo somewhat, something
tres three
ya still, already
dos two
momento time, moment
menos fewer, less
hasta up to, until, even
vez time[specific occurrence]
así like that
esto this[n]
ver to see
cierto true, sure, certain
mundo world
poner get , to put[on]
sin without
punto period, dot, point
mucho many, much, a lot
después after
cosa thing
él [ellos]them[m], he
casi nearly, almost
llegar to arrive
tan as, such, too, so
también also
hablar talk, to speak
mujer wife, woman
ella [ellas]them[f], she
hora time[specific], hour
ahora now
propio typical, proper, own
saber find out, to know[a fact]
tanto so many, so much
pensar to think
desde since, from
mejor better , best
niño littleboy, child
mismo same
tipo kind, type
pequeño young, small, little
te formal], you[obj
año year
allí over there, there
parte portion, part
vida life
trabajo effort, job, work
querer love, to want
nombre noun, name
casa house
país country
siempre forever, always
volver to V again, to return
tiempo weather, time[general]
mayor main, older, larger
eso that[n]
bajo underneath, under
nada not]at all, nothing
persona person
bien well
nuestro our
antes before
historia story, history
poco few, little, a littlebit
durante for[time], during
quien whom, who
lugar position, place
realidad actuality, reality
presentar present, to introduce
conocer to know[someone or place]
vivir to live
hecho happening, fact
entonces then, so
día day
salir go out, to leave
llamar name, to call
cuatro four
seguir keep on, to follow
recordar remind, to remember
cambio change
blanco white
sacar to take out
conseguir obtain, acquire, to get
aquel that[over there]
empezar start, to begin
modo manner, way
llevar carry, to take
amigo friend
tema topic, subject, theme
creer think, to believe
dejar leave, to let
existir to exist
verdad truth
aquí here
ciudad city
general general
sólo just, only
aunque even though, although
calle street
parecer look like, to seem
manera manner, way
recibir to receive
quedar stay, to remain
preguntar to ask[a question]
trabajar to work
esperar expect, hope[for], to wait
aceptar to accept
formar to form
hacia towards, toward
sino except, but, rather
aún yet, still
nunca ever, never
bueno good
caso occasion, case
mano hand
nuevo new
pueblo village, people
cuanto regarding, en cuanto a: in terms of
solo alone, lonely
sentir regret, to feel
medio middle, half
alcanzar catch up with, to reach
cuyo whose
jugar game], to play[sport
fuerza power, force, strength
tarde evening, afternoon
tal such[a]
posible possible
ejemplo example
tratar deal with, treat, to try
crear to create
encontrar to find
ante in the presence of, before
ser being
aire appearance, wind, air
venir to come
escribir to write
viejo aged, old
palabra word
obra deed, book, work
ninguno nobody[pron], none, no
me[obj prep]
pues well then, then
situación situation
campo country, field
luego afterwards, later
dentro inside
cuenta account, bill
cuerpo body
segundo second
cual whom, who, which
cambiar to change
ocurrir occur, to happen
luz light
anterior preceding, previous
menor youngest, younger
aparecer to appear
éste [ésta[f]], this one[m]
gente people
tomar drink, to take
escuchar to listen to
gracia favor, grace, pl]thank you
además besides, as well, also
gustar to be pleasing to
varios various, several
cabeza head[part of body]
efecto effect
mantener maintain, to keep
santo saint[m]
quizás maybe, perhaps
servicio helpfulness, service
cinco five
tierra ground, land, earth
cómo how?
comprender to understand
comer to eat
contar count, to tell
mil thousand
programa plan, program
distinto different, distinct
ahí there
último final, last
don gift, Mr, courtesy title[m]
pedir request, to ask for
agua [el]water
abrir to open
valor worth, value
embargo sin embargo: nevertheless
fácil easy
nadie anybody, nobody
contrario opposite, contrary
imaginar to imagine
junto next to, together with
partido [sports]match, group, party
ciento hundred
leer to read
pregunta question
español Spanish
hoy nowadays, today
mesa board, table
cualquier anyone[pron], any
seguridad safety, security
mirar watch, to look
estudiar to study
lado side
mientras as long as, whereas, while
base basis, base
época period, age, time
claro clear
clase order, class, kind
quién whom?, who?
alto high, tall
problema problem
antiguo former, ancient, old
posibilidad possibility
vista sight, view
obtener to obtain
centro downtown, middle, center
carta [playing]card, letter
pobre poor
contra opposite, against
hijo [pl]children, son
mostrar to show
interés interest
término end, term[language]
buscar to look for
especial special
político political
desear wish for, desire, to want
necesario necessary
terminar end, to finish
perder miss, to lose
deseo wish, desire
padre father
tampoco either, nor, neither
señor lord, Mr, sir
resultar turn out, to result
función meeting, function
noche evening, night
largo long
familia family
desarrollar to develop
seis six
bajo low, short
producir cause, to produce
segundo second
inglés English
negro black
miedo fear
entrar to enter
dedicar devote, to dedicate
paso pace, step
usted formal], you[subj
río river
dirección address, direction
cuestión matter, question
derecho law, justice, right
malo bad
principio principle, beginning
guerra warfare, war
único sole, unique, only
avanzar progress, to advance
entender to understand
lanzar launch, to throw
diferencia difference
bueno well…
propiedad property
repetir to repeat
viaje trip, travel
nosotros we[subj]
diez ten
indicar to indicate
capaz able, capable
todavía yet, still
servir to serve
joven young person, teenager
comenzar start, to begin
idea idea
peso load, weight, peso[money]
ocho eight
estudio learning, study
grupo group
decidir to decide
considerar to consider
allá over there, there
mal badly
anunciar advertise, to announce
sociedad society
política policy, politics
detener detain, to stop
camino path, route, road
duda doubt
dinero money
millón fortune, million
abandonar leave[a place], to abandon
pieza part, piece
claro clearly, of course
movimiento movement
sitio space, place
arriba above, up
crecer increase, to grow
siglo age, century
necesidad need, necessity
verdadero real, true
doctor doctor
natural natural
contestar reply, to answer
mercado market
reconocer admit, to recognize
importante important
recurso means, recourse, resource
intentar attempt, to try
realizar carry out, to fulfill
mes month
golpe punch, strike, hit
grado grade, degree
morir to die
ojo eye
permitir permit, to allow
humano human
físico physical
convertir become, change, to convert
voz voice
incluso even , including
responsabilidad responsibility
bastante quite a bit , fairly, rather
profundo profound, deep
minuto minute
suelo floor, ground
traer carry, to bring
asegurar insure, secure, to assure
brazo arm
uso use
parecido similar
imagen picture, image
origen cause, origin
caer to fall
relación relation, relationship
apoyar lean on, to support
sangre blood
demás others, the rest
igual same[as], equal
edad age
cantidad amount, quantity
actuar to act
comprobar prove, to verify
comprar to buy
según according to
observar to observe
frente frente a: across from, al frente: facing
lograr manage, get, to achieve
puerta door
completo complete
moderno modern
atravesar to cross
maestro master, teacher[m]
oír to hear
adelante further, forward
diferente separate, different
delante ahead, [in]front[of]
sentido feeling, sense
imposible impossible
solamente only
libro book
directamente straight away, directly
lenguaje speech, language
ello it[subj-n]
difícil hard, difficult
ofrecer present, to offer
sistema system
enorme vast, enormous
realmente in fact, actually, really
social social
abierto unlocked, open
subir to go up
evitar prevent, to avoid
superar surpass, to overcome
papel part, role, paper
surgir spring[forth], to appear
rojo red
pasado last, past
favor benefit, favor
siguiente next, following
semana week
miembro limb, member
suponer assume, to suppose
puro clean, pure
carga cargo, charge, load
calor warmth, heat
enemigo enemy
tender lay out, to tend to
serio serious
madre mother
mover incite, to move
demasiado too many, too much
ganar earn, to win
lleno filled, full
altura altitude, height
civil civil
niña young girl, child
cara expression, face
metro subway, meter
cuidado carefulness, care
levantar lift, to raise
dios divinity, god
hermano [pl]siblings, brother
participar to participate
dónde where?
explicar to explain
libertad liberty, freedom
naturaleza character, nature
sol sun
popular popular
utilizar utilize, to use
voluntad intention, willpower, will
verde green
extraño foreign, strange
accidente irregularity, accident
económico economic
desaparecer vanish, to disappear
rico tasty, rich
olvidar to forget
zona zone, area
fuera away, outside, out
número number
estado status, condition, state
través through, over, a través: across
especie species, sort, kind
empresa venture, company, firm
cincuenta fifty
nacer to be born
lengua strip[of land], tongue, language
usar to use
pagar to pay
tamaño dimension, size
revista journal, magazine
cerrado closed
frontera frontier, border
faltar to be lacking
animal animal
acción deed, act, action
correr to run
corazón core, heart
aprender to learn
enseñar show, to teach
quitar take away, to remove
mensaje message
analizar to analyze
bien benefit, property, goods
público public
elegir elect, to choose
región region
policía police officer, police force, police
comienzo beginning, start
suceder to happen
fondo end, bottom
amor love
resolver work out, settle, to resolve
vecino neighbor
actividad action, activity
corto brief, short
oportunidad chance, opportunity
derecha right hand, right
dirigir manage, to direct
unir join[together], to unite
muerte death
plantear present, to propose
gobierno government
compartir to share
sentar seat, to sit[down]
pensamiento thinking, thought
ley rule, bill, law
plano level, map, plane
tocar play[instrument], to touch
importancia importance
terrible terrible
línea course, line
temprano early
andar function, to walk
resultado outcome, result
espacio room, space
constituir consist of, to constitute
carrera race, course, career
mañana tomorrow, morning
frase phrase
reunión reunion, meeting
cultura culture
enfermedad sickness, illness
resto leftover, remainder, rest
literatura literature
fe faith
sueño sleep, dream
importar import, to matter
dispuesto ready, willing
compañero classmate, companion
depender to depend on
poder power
verano summer
acontecimiento happening, event
cumplir to fulfill
jamás never
tercero third
continuar to continue
arma [el]weapon
pie base, foot
esfuerzo endeavor, effort
condición condition
contribuir to contribute
cortar to cut
atender attend to, to serve
ayudar to help
color color
pasado past
lista roll, roster, list
famoso well-known, famous
falta shortage, lack
ocasión occasion, opportunity
visitar to visit
premio reward, prize
visita guest, visitor, visit
tu formal], your[sg
dedo digit, toe, finger
quince fifteen
demostrar demonstrate, to show
despertar arouse, to wake[up]
existencia life, existence
mente mind
mayoría majority
conocimiento knowledge
examen exam, examination
teléfono telephone, phone
juego sport, play, game
mío mine
acto action, act
rama limb, bough, branch
libre vacant, free
recoger to pick up
inmediato immediate
nivel level
ciencia knowledge, science
ayuda aid, help
ambiente atmosphere, environment
imponer enforce, to impose
alemán German
casar to marry
masa bulk, crowd, dough, mass
clásico classic
futuro future
loco insane, crazy
atención attention
pegar stick[on], to hit
comida meal, food
capacidad capacity
ambos both
concreto real, concrete
ocupar use, to occupy
entrada admission ticket, entrance
formal], you[subj-sg
objetivo objective
disposición disposition, disposal
entregar to deliver
teatro drama, theater
cuál which?
volumen volume
francés French
cerca near, close
nueve nine
experiencia experience
descubrir to discover
pintura paint, painting
precisamente precisely
determinar decide, to determine
materia subject, matter
televisión television, TV
autoridad authority
hogar hearth, home
norteamericano North American
material element, material
cuándo when?
pintar to paint
energía power, energy
recuerdo keepsake, memory
conservar preserve, to conserve
meter to put[into]
santa saint[f]
común common
viajar to travel
discutir discuss, to argue
pasión desire, passion
vino wine
alma [el]soul
teoría theory
temer to fear
artista performer, artist
junto together
fecha day, date
sufrir undergo, to suffer
cielo ceiling, heaven, sky
temor fear
jefe manager, boss, leader
capítulo chapter
profesional professional
techo roof
presencia appearance, presence
separar to separate
decisión decision
absolutamente completely, absolutely
echar cast, to throw
nacional national
objeto thing, object
autor author, writer
aspecto appearance, aspect
seguramente securely, surely
resistir endure, to resist
responder respond, to answer
encima in addition, on top, above
acercar to come near
preparar to prepare
citar quote, to cite
extender spread, to extend
descansar to rest
asunto affair, issue, matter
fundamental fundamental
facilidad facility, ease
preocupar to worry
atrás ago, behind, back
empleado employee
pronto quick, soon
concepto concept
grave solemn, serious
retirar retire, to take away
establecer to establish
adquirir get, to acquire
costar be hard, to cost
mencionar cite, to mention
práctica skill, practice
publicar to publish
idioma [specific]language
aprovechar to take advantage of
futuro future
conclusión end, conclusion
vehículo car, vehicle
militar military
compañía company
curso direction, course
cine US movie theater, cinema
marcar dial, note, to mark
comentario comment, remark
vivo bright, alive
lucha wrestle, struggle, fight
daño damage, injury, harm
intento try, attempt
enfermo sick, ill
piso story, floor
gesto gesture
derecho straight, right
actual current
diciembre December
economía economics, economy, thriftiness
introducir bring in, to introduce
totalmente completely, totally
cuánto how much?
posición position
lejos off], far[away
leche milk
conciencia consciousness, conscience
aplicar to apply
bajar let down, to come down
consejo counsel, council, advice
próximo next
piedra rock, stone
médico doctor
director principal, manager, director
recuperar recover, to recuperate
principal principal, main
cuento tale, story
mirada look, gaze
siete seven
duro hard
información information
espíritu ghost, spirit
artículo item, product, article
trasladar transfer, to move
hábito habit
positivo positive
expresión expression
exponer expose, to expound
letra lyrics, handwriting, letter
partida departure, match, game
sencillo easy, plain, simple
apenas barely, hardly
estilo style
perfecto perfect
vuelta turn, return
excepción exception
control control
esperanza hope
superior upper, superior
habitación bedroom, room, habitat
manejar handle, to drive
representar to represent
causa cause
semejante alike, such, similar
alrededor round, around, about
profesor teacher, professor
siquiera even[if]
acompañar to accompany
labor task, work, labor
trabajador laborer, worker
carácter nature, personality
cantar to sing
operar to operate
obstante noobstante: nevertheless
joven young
sexo sex
documento document
motivo cause, motive
construir build, to construct
opinión view, opinion
dominar master, to dominate
oscuro obscure, dark
acordar remind, to remember
generalmente usually, generally
cerrar to close
cadena chain
tras behind, after
repartir distribute, deliver, to divide
fenómeno phenomenon
proceso procedure, process
desarrollo development
contacto contact
dudar to[have]doubt
prestar to lend
guardar save, to keep
llorar to cry
margen margin, edge, border, brink
hallar to find[out]
inmediatamente immediately
dolor sorrow, ache, pain
bomba explosion, bomb, pump
impresión printing, impression
respuesta reply, answer
culpa fault, blame
interesante interesting
añadir to add
argentino Argentine
departamento apartment, department
durar to last
tirar pull, to throw
colegio college, [high]school
invitar to invite
marido husband
diario daily
naturalmente naturally
tarea job, task
acceso entry, access
impedir hinder, to prevent
crisis crisis
sala hall, room
actitud attitude
raro scarce, rare, strange
muerto dead
suerte fortune, luck
religioso religious
instalar to install
serie series
cubrir to cover
cercano near
argumento plot, argument
prueba test, trial, proof
hundir submerge, to sink
éxito success
absoluto absolute
interpretar to interpret
pleno full, complete
normal regular, usual, normal
funcionar function, to work
señalar signal, to point[out]
cuarto fourth
experimentar experiment, to experience
conocido well-known, known
mezclar to mix
paz peace
proyecto plan, project
caja safe, box, bank
rápido fast, quick
honor honesty, honor
capital money[m], city[f], capital
liberar liberate, to free
completar to complete
interior inside, interior
ajeno detached, not belonging to
despedir dismiss, to say goodbye[to]
chico boy
nacimiento origin, birth
seco arid, dry
apoyo backing, support
dividir to divide
pesado tiresome, boring, heavy
texto text
reserva reserve, reservation
defender protect, to defend
pertenecer to belong
formación education, formation
boca opening, entrance, mouth
distancia distance
azul blue
opinar be of the opinion, to think
máquina machine
título heading, title
habitual habitual, usual, customary
negar refuse, to deny
llamada knock, call
ideal goal, ideal
suyo yours[informal], theirs, hers, his
directo straight, direct
método method
preciso necessary, precise
debajo below, underneath
averiguar find out, to investigate
presión pressure
ignorar to be unaware
automóvil automobile
detrás behind
contenido content, contents
hija daughter
agosto August
cobrar to charge[money]
barco ship, boat
americano American
vender to sell
sesenta sixty
animar to cheer up
página page
notar to notice
árbol tree
plan plan
alcance scope, reach
regresar to return[to a place]
mandar order, to send
moda form, fashion
satisfacer to satisfy
curiosidad quaintness, curiosity
escuela school
memoria memory
espejo reflection, mirror
elemento element
romper to break
matar to kill
cola queue, line, tail
juventud youth
trato agreement, manner, treatment
coche carriage, car
veinte twenty
acudir frequent, go to, to attend
examinar inspect, to examine
frío cold
simplemente just, simply
tensión stress, tension, strain
expresar to express
generación generation
manifestación manifestation, protest
terreno terrain, earth, ground
seguro secure, sure, safe
raza lineage, race
arrancar uproot, to start[machine]
sexual sexual
puesto position, place, job
familiar of the family, familiar
aprobar approve, to pass[test]
abajo downward, below, down
quejar to complain
juicio judgment
técnico technical
jardín garden
intervenir to intervene
público audience, public
consecuencia consequence
ritmo rhythm
perfectamente perfectly
feliz fortunate, happy
exacto true, faithful, exact
esposa wife
personaje character[e.g. movie]
patria fatherland, native land
inteligente intelligent
calidad quality
belleza beauty
continuo continuous
instrucción instruction
inclinación incline, slope, tendency
temperatura temperature
huella track, trace, footstep
mezcla blend, mixture
ciego blind
lejano distant
gusto preference, taste, pleasure
ejercicio practice, exercise
hospital hospital
radio communication[f], set[m], radio
treinta thirty
conveniente convenient
salida outcome, escape, exit
sentimiento sentiment, feeling
salvar rescue, to save
mar sea
cuarto chamber, room
parar to stop[moving]
saber knowledge
cargo fee, charge, position
poesía poem, poetry
música music
estación season, station
justicia fairness, justice
brillante sparkling, shiny, brilliant
destino destiny, destination
revolución revolution
entrega delivery
sensación feeling, sensation
intelectual intellectual
representante representative
agudo acute, sharp
rato while, moment, time
doce twelve
salto hop, jump, skip
alegría happiness, joy
aun still, even[though]
operación operation
delicado delicate
nota grade, note
convencido persuaded, convinced
simple simple-minded, mere, simple
construcción construction
secretario secretary
exposición display, exhibition
internacional international
clave key
cruzar to cross
personal personal
pared [interior]wall
griego Greek
poderoso powerful
punta point, tip
mundial worldwide
especialmente especially
empleo job, work, occupation
que which, that
de from, of
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