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Chapter 1

Legal Descriptions of Real Estate

3 types of Legal description -lot , block, and subdivisions -metes and bounds -government rectangular survey
Lot, block, and subdivisions -makes reference to an approved and recorded plat map for the subdivision -most common method -ex.) green meadows unit 9 plat book 91 page 61 254 block 6
Metes and bounds lst cmmn mthd,rlies on mnmnts as mrkrs n dstncs btn pnts,prprty dscibd by strtng at a dsgntd plac on th prcl-th pint of the bgnnng (POB),Prceeds around the properties boundaries following the description given, starts and close with the point of beginning
description if metes and bounds Cmmncng at th ntrsctn of the west ln of "Apple Valley Rd" n th nrth ln of Edsn Ln; thnc wst 200 ft alng the nrth ln of Edisn Ln; thnc nrth 15%east 2 th cntr thrd of Blu Rdg Lk, bng 175 ft mr or lss;thnc easterly lng th cntrln of sd lk 2 its ntrsctn wth th
Government Rectangular Survey System based on Principal Meridians and Base Lines (37 in U.S) -forms imaginary lines vertically parallel to the Principal Meridians called Range Lines, and -lines horizontally parallel to the Base line called Township Lines -Each strip of land is 6 miles ap
Description of government rectangular survey dystem The s 1/2 of the SW 1/4 of the SW 1/4 of Section 15, Township 14 North, Range 4 Awest of the 6th Principal Meridian
property decription not included
Created by: jasmineawest
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