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Spanish Office IV

Spanish Medical Office IV

Are you following the instructions? Esta siguiendo las instrucciones? (see-gee-ehn-doh)
Does it hurt? Le duele? (dweh-leh)
Do they hurt? Le duelen? (dweh-lehn)
It hurts (me)! Me duele! (dweh-leh)
They hurt (me)! Me duelen! (dweh-lehn)
Point to the . . . Senale . . . (sen-yah-lay)
My head hurts. Me duele la cabeza.
Do your feet hurt? Le duelen los pies?
What hurts? Que le duele?
My eyes do not hurt. No me duelen los ojos.
The room is full. El cuarto esta lleno.
The office is full. La oficina esta llena.
I need an appointment. Necesito una cita.
They aren't the same patients. No son los mismos pacientes.
Something is in the stomach. Algo esta en el estomago. (es-TOE-mah-go)
Do you need medicine? Necesita usted la medicina?
There is enough medicine, too. Hay bastante medicina, tambien.
next of kin pariente mas cercano
adopted child nino adoptado (nina adoptada)
partner socio
You have to go to the appointment. Tiene que ir a la cita.
They have to go to the appointment. Tienen que ir a la cita.
Do you have grandchildren? Tiene usted nietos?
Wait in the room. Espere en el cuarto.
Bring the water. Traiga el agua.
Her son-in-law has to drive. Su yerno tiene que manejar.
Come. Venga.
Go with the nurse. Vaya con la enfermera.
Go. Vaya.
Sit on the chair. Sientese en la silla.
Call the doctor. Llame al doctor.
Carry the baby. Lleve el bebe.
Get up on the table. Subase a la mesa. (SU-bah-say)
Sign your name. Firme su nombre.
The appointment is at 2:00 on Tuesday. La cita es a las 2:00 del Martes.
Take the medicine. Tome la medicina.
Turn, please. Dese vuelta, por favor.
Call 911. Llame nueve uno uno.
Where does it hurt? Donde le duele?
Does it hurt here? Le duele aqui?
Stop the bleeding. Pare la sangre.
The appointment is at 10:00 on Friday. La cita es a las 10:00 el VIernes.
Bring me bandages. Traigame vendajes.
Bring me towels. Traigame toallas.
Bring me band aids. Traigame tiritas.
Bring me medicine. Traigame medicina.
The ambulance is coming. La ambulancia viene.
Stay quiet. Quedese tranquilo(a). (KAY-day-say) (tran-KEE-lo)
The appointment is at 1:00 on Monday. La cita es a la 1:00 del Lunes.
He is unconscious. Perdio la conciencia.
What did he swallow? Que ha tragado?
Do you know where his mother or father is? Sabe donde esta su madre o su padre?
Take him to the emergency room. Llevale a la sala de emergencias. (urgencias)
He swallowed pills. Ha tragado pastillas.
He swallowed poison. Ha tragado veneno. (bay-NAY-no)
He swallowed capsules. Ha tragado capsulas.
He injected heroin. Se ha inyectado heroina.
He injected cocaine. Se ha inyectado cocaina. (ko-kah-EE-nah)
He has overdosed. Sufre una sobredosis.
Please repeat it. Repita por favor.
Someone in your family has. . .? Alguien en su familia tiene. . .?
the consent form el formulario de consentimiento
Would you like one? Quisiera tener uno?
Who will bring me a copy of the form? Quien me va a traer una copia del formulario?
Do you have any special requests? Tiene usted algunos pedidos adicionales?
Who is your legal healthcare agent? Quien es su agente legal para el cuidado de la salud?
Who is your boss? Quien es su jefe?
Kathy is a nurse. Kathy es una enfermera.
Kathy is not a nurse. Kathy no es una enfermera.
wake up despiertase (despiertate)
Do you have any questions? Tiene preguntas?
Slower, please. Mas despacio, por favor.
I'm sorry, I don't understand. Disculpe, no entiendo.
I speak a little Spanish. Hablo poco Espanol.
I need an interpreter. Necesito un interprete.
Created by: Heidi.Medina