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Spanish Office III

Spanish Medical Office III

Do you have allergies? Tiene alergias?
Do you have the documents? Tiene los documentos?
Do you have the forms? Tiene los formularios?
Do you have identification? Tiene identificacion?
Do you have a lot of pain? Tiene mucho dolor?
Do you have medical insurance? Tiene seguro medico?
Do you have a question? Tiene una pregunta?
Do you have the receipt? Tiene el recibo?
Do you have the results? Tiene los resultados?
Do you have seizures? Tiene ataques?
Do you have a fever? Tiene fiebre?
Do you need an appointment? Necesita una cita?
Do you need a class? Necesita una clase?
Do you need a consultation? Necesita una consulta?
Do you need a counselor? Necesita un consejero?
Do you need an exam? Necesita un examen?
Do you need an interpreter? Necesita un interprete? (een-tehr-preh-teh)
Do you need a schedule? Necesita un horario? (oh-rah-ree-oh)
Are there problems with your heart? Hay problemas con su corazon?
Are there problems with your hearing? Hay problemas con sus oidos? (oh-ee-dohs)
Are there problems with your kidneys? Hay problemas con sus rinones? (reen-yoh-nehs)
Are there problems with your respiration? Hay problemas con su respiracion?
Are there problems with your stomach? Hay problemas con su estomago?
Are there problems with your vision? Hay problemas con su vision? (bee-see-ohn)
How can I help you? Puedo ayudarle?
This won't hurt. No duele.
Sit here. Sientese aqui.
Have a seat in the waiting room. Sientese en la sala de espere.
Wait for your name to be called please. Espere su nombre por favor.
Wait here. Espere aqui.
Are you taking any medications? Which ones/ Esta tomando medicinas? Cuales?
prescription la receta
My head hurts. Me duele la cabeza.
I am the receptionist. Soy la recepcionista.
doctor's office el consultorio (consultorio medico) (la oficina del doctor)
bill la cuenta
signature la firma
Let's see. . . A ver. . .
Here you have. . . Aqui tiene. . .
How tall are you? Cuanto mide usted?
You need an x-ray of. . . Necesita una radiografia de. . .
Where does it hurt? Donde le duele?
Do you need anything? Necesito algo? (Necesito usted algo?)
form el formulario
out patient el paciente externo
in-patient el paciente interno
sickness la enfermedad
three forms tres formularios
injury & sickness herida y enfermedad
much help mas ayuda
get undressed desvistase
Hurry up! Apurese! (Apurate!)
Don't hurry me! No me apures! (No me metas prisa!)
Lie down. Acuestese.
Open your mouth. Abra la boca.
Stand up. Levantese.
Take a deep breath. Aspire profundo.
Wait. Esperese.
Wake up. Despiertese.
Don't forget. No se olvide.
Many patients, but few doctors. Muchos pacientes, pero pocos doctores.
How many visitors? Cuantos visitantes?
How much medicine? Cuanta medicina?
How are the patients? Como estan los pacientes?
When is the appointment? Cuando es la cita?
The office is in the hospital? La oficina esta en el hospital.
Who are the doctors? Quienes son los doctores?
Who are they? Quienes son?
How many beds are in the hospital? Cuantas camas hay en el hospital?
He is sleepy. Tiene sueno. (su-en-yo)
He is eating well. Esta comiendo bien.
He is gaining weight. Esta ganando peso.
They are gaining weight. Estan ganando peso.
I am leaving now. Estoy saliendo ahora.
We are leaving now. Estamos saliendo ahora.
Created by: Heidi.Medina
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