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Spanish Restaurant Q

Spanish Restaurant and Food Quiz

Restaurante Restaurant
Camarero Waiter
Dueno Owner
Menu Menu
Seccion de (no) fumar (No) smoking section
Desayuno Breakfast
Almuerzo Lunch
Cena Dinner
Menu del dia Menu of the day
Especialidades Specials
Entremeses Appetizers
Plato Principal Entree
Postre Dessert
Delicioso Delicious
Rico Delicious
Sabroso Tasty
Cuenta Check
Propina Tip
Dulce Sweet
Amargo Bitter
Fresco Fresh
Jugoso Juicy
Marinado Marinated
Podrido Rotten
Frio Cold
Caliente Hot
Salteado Sautéed
Tostado Toasted
Al horno Baked
Frito Fried
Al vapor Steam
Ahumado Smoked
Crudo Raw
Maduro Hard
Picante Spicy
Frutas Fruit
Banana Banana
Platano Plantain
Limon Lemon
Lima Lime
Manzana Apple
Melocoton Peach
Duranzo Peach
Naranja Orange
Pera Pear
Uva Grape
Cereza Cherry
Fresa Strawberry
Frambuesa Raspberry
Zarzamora/mora Blackberry
Sandia Watermelon
Mango Mango
papaya Papaya
Pina Pineapple
Kiwi Kiwi
Coco Coconut
Lichi Lichi
Guayaba Guava
Granada Pomegranate
Tuna/ higo chumbo Prickly pear
Chabacano Apricot
Ciruela PLum
Pomelo/ toronja Grapefruit
Maracuya Passion fruit
Nueces Nuts
Verduras Vegetables
Maiz Corn
Apio Celery
Guisante Pea
Papa Potato
Cebolla Onion
Zanahoria Carrots
Pepino Cucumber
Berenjena Eggplant
Pimiento Pepper
Atun Tuna
bacalao cod
Cangrejo Crab
Mejillon Mussel
Almeja Mussel
Calamar Squid
Langosta Lobster
Camaron Shrimp
Pescado Fish
Bistec Steak
Carne Meat
Cerdo Pork
Hamburgesa Hanburger
Jamon Ham
Pollo Chicken
Pavo Turkey
Salchicha Sausage
Cordero Lamb
Ternera Veal
Ajo Garlic
Mostaza Mustard
Miel Honey
Azucar Sugar
Mantequilla Butter
Huevo Egg
Yogur Yogurt
Leche Milk
Queso Cremoso Cream cheese
Panecillo Muffin
Tocino Bacon
Sandwich Sandwich
Sopa Soup
Pasta Pasta
Albondigas Meatballs
Aceituna Olive
Frijoles Beans
Ensalada Salad
Costillas Ribs
Arroz Rice
Papas Fritas French fries
Malteada Milkshake
Jugo Juic
Limonada Lemonade
Te Tea
Cafe Coffee
Refresco Soda
Vino Wine
Cerveza Beer
Galletas Cookies
Natillas Custard
Flan Flan
Helado Ice cream
Yogur helado Frozen Yogurt
Pedir To ask
Probar To try
Remomendar To reccommend
Servir To serve
Me gusta... I like...
Una mesa para dos Table for two
Con With
Sin Without
En que puedo servirle How can I help you
Tenedor Fork
Cuchara Spoon
Cuchillo Knife
Menu Menu
Servilleta Napkin
Taza Cup
Sal Salt
Azucar Sugar
Pimiento Pepper
Mesa Table
Plato Plate
Vaso Glass
¿Puedo obtener algo? Can I get you anything
¿Cuánta gente usted tiene con usted? How many people do you have with you
¿Qué le gustaría? What would you like?
Created by: lopiegabby



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