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Site Management

Match the title to the role and responsibility

Architect Usually employed by the client to lead the design team. They are responsible for all elements of architectural or building design, including specification of the building form,, fire strategy, planning conditions and building regulations
Project Manager Usually a building professional with specialist management qualifications and experience. They are responsible to ensure the job is completed on time, within budget and to required standards.
Clerk of Works Represents the client and has the responsibility of ensuring that the work is carried out in accordance with the timescales and to the required quality.
Construction Manager This person is responsible for ensuring all construction elements run to time and relevant quality standards. They are responsible for all on site activities. They will normally have a surveying, trade or construction background.
Quantity Surveyor This person can be part of the clients team or the construction team. They are required to put together estimates by measuring and quantifiying the designs prior to tender.
Structural Engineer Responsible for the structural stability of the buildings and ground works. They usually work for the client.
Building Services Engineer Responsible for the mechanical and electrical services within a project.
Building Surveyor Usually responsible for assessing existing buildings or renovation schemes, including valuation of property.
Land surveyor Normally part of the clients design team. They deal with the measurement of land which may involve setting out structures on the land in accordance it's the architects drawings
Estimator Works on behalf of the contractor and is responsible for preparing the estimated price for the work in the tender package.
Buyer (Procurement Officer) Responsible for purchasing materials from the suppliers, ensuring the costs are within those stated in the tender. They are also responsible for ensuring materials are delivered on time.
Contracts Manager This person is often a company director and works for the contractors team. They are often responsible for more than one construction project at a time.
Sub-contractors Responsible for a package of work on-site i.e. Electrical installation, and answers to the main contractor.
Site Supervisor Often referred to as General Foreman, they are the main point of contact for all the trades on site.
Trade Supervisor Normally the foreman or lead person for each sub-contractor. They control the individual trades on site and will liaise with the other foremen as needed.
Building Control Inspector This person has the power to approve or deny approval of work. They work for the local authority. Quite often they will not have electrical knowledge and will rely on the electrician to provide accurate details.
Water Inspector These inspectors have statutory powers to impose improvement orders on the users of water supplies.
HSE Inspector This person works for a government department and has the power to enter any property or site. They can issue advice, informal warnings, improvement notices or prohibition notices.
Electrical Services Inspector This person is normally a Level 3 qualified electrician with specific qualifications in the inspection and testing of electrical installations
Building Services Engineer Usually a professionally qualified person who may have originally been a tradesman prior to taking advanced qualifications. Responsible for estimating, contract management, designing and a specialist authorising engineer.
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