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Career Planning


Individual Career Plan The course of action you will take in order to make your career goals a reality. Includes your training.
Why should you write "specific" goals on your career plan? Vague goals will not help you reach your target. Example: Job as a Medical Technician. Bad Goal - "Get a job working in a hospital." Good Goal - "To enroll in a program that will help me learn the skills to be an emergency technician."
What does being "realistic" mean when creating your career goals? Besides being specific, your goals should be realistic. Start by knowing where you are today in terms of skills, abilities, and capabilities. Realistic does not mean traditional. Do not limit yourself to what is "normal."
Why should you create stepping stone goals in your career plan? Often the road to your final goal requires many steps. Having smaller steps allows you to make course corrections along the way.
On-Line Learning A combination of structured, sustained, integrated, online experiences accessed via a telecommunications network.
Positives of On-Line Learning Offers convenience and flexibility, typically less expensive than other options.
Negatives of On-Line Learning Miss the interaction with a teacher, discussion, and class participation. Be careful if online credits are transferable to other institutions.
On The Job Training Onsite instruction in how to perform a particular job.
Positives of On The Job Training Can be short or long term, includes internship, both paid or unpaid. Allows for networking and mentoring opportunities.
Negatives of On The Job Training Often need to have some basic skills in order to get hired, may cause stress having to complete with other educational opportunities, like school.
Apprenticeships Learning how to do a job through hands-on experience through the guidance of a skilled worker.
Positives of an Apprenticeship Often found in trade and/or union type jobs, opportunities for getting paid while working.
Negatives of an Apprenticeship Must understand rules for apprenticeships within your chosen trade (hours worked, etc).
Vocational Technical Centers (VTC) Schools that offer a variety of skills-orientated programs, like automotive or computer technology.
Positives of VTC Often offered during a high school experience, may offer high school diplomas and a certification, may provide evening courses, relatively inexpensive.
Negatives of VTC Be sure to attend a highly rated school, check graduation rates and jobs after graduation.
Trade Schools Privately run institutions that train students for a particular profession, such as culinary or cosmetology.
Positives of a Trade School Offers a variety of career pathways training, can offer specialized training that vo-tech may not.
Negatives of a Trade School Usually more expensive.
Community/Technical Colleges Offer a 2-year and certificate programs in many occupational areas.
Positives of a Community College Often less expensive than trade schools or 4-year colleges, usually offer night and weekend classes, graduate with a associates degree.
Negatives of Community College Be sure the schools credits transfer to a 4-year college of your choice.
Four Year College/University Offer a minimum of a Bachelor's degree in a variety of career areas.
Positives of a Four Year College Many occupational areas require a 4 year degree or more, offers a range of educational approaches to match your needs.
Negatives of a Four Year College Generally more expensive than community colleges, requires research to find a fit for your needs.
Continuing Education Formal courses of study geared toward adult students.
Positives of Continuing Education Can brush up on old skills or pursue new paths, generally inexpensive, often offered online and through correspondence.
Negatives of Continuing Education Check the quality of the instructors and courses.
Military The largest employer in the U.S.
Positives of the Military Offers training in over 200 different occupations, free in exchange for the time served (2-6 years) in active duty, often times pay for college after having served.
Negatives of the Military Requires a time commitment, not completely free to choose your career path within the military.
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