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CA property&casualty


DP-1 A=the dwelling, B=other structure; C=personal property
Mexican liability endorsement Excess liability for accidents within 25 miles of the U.S. border (trips of 10 days or less)
Insurance purchased by employers on their employees Iin case the worker is hurt workers compensation insurance
A health conditions or sickness that occurred prior to the issuing of a health policy preexisting condition
A disability income policy that will pay benefits whether on the job or off the job Occupational Disability income contract
A policy that only pays a claim when the disability occurs off the jab and the job is hazardous Nonoccupational Disability Income Policy
A life or health insurance plan that an employer provides for employees does not pay any part of the premium Noncontributory benefits
An insurer who is not licensed to do business in a particular state Non-admitted Insurer
Allows for small business owners to group together to buy group insurance multiple Employer trust (MET)
Protection and Indemnity on ocean marine or yacht liability
In health Insurance pays a dollar amount based on the geographical location Usual, Customary Reasonable
HO-1 AND H0-8 fire, Lightning, and internal explosion
Created by: dani_girl280
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