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Stack #193172

algun dia for someday pg.10
tantito little pg.2
fruta fruit pg.2
albondigas meatball soup pg.202
ole ole a cheer pg.6
mano hand pg.9
huelga strike pg.133`
es this pg.1
mi my pg.12
nieta grandaughter pg.12
jefe boss pg.4
dedos fingers pg.4
la cosecha listen pg.6
cuidate watch pg.4
reina queen pg.18
que paso whats happening pg.25
nina little girl pg.25
milagro miracle pg.44
mija my daughter pg.46
manana tomarrow pg.
si yes pg.60
entiendes understand pg.99
las cebollas onions pg.100
de varas asked pg.105
buena good pg.191
suerte luck pg. 191
esperanza hope pg.262
aquel que hoy se cae, se levantara manana he who falls today may rise tomorrow
tio uncle pg.28
tia aunt pg.28
senor Mr. pg.112
campesino field servent or a field worker pg.112
flan de almendra i will sell slices pg.129
gracias thank you pg.195
no no pg.105
mas rich pg.1
el is pg.0
tu you pg.2
vaqueros white aprons pg.4
fiesta party pg.7
patronas heads of their household pg.8
espinas thorns pg.14
Estas son las manaitas que cantaba el Rey David a las muchachas bonitas se las cantomas aqui These are the morning songs which King David used to sing to all the pretty ladies we sing them here to you pg.23
reboza blanket shawl pg.65
carpetas lase dolls pg.68
lamparas lamp pg.68
de nada your welcome pg.71
las melones cantolaope pg.81
buena good pg.78
papi dad/daddy pg.101
mi sobrina my niece pg.108
la cenicienta cinderella pg.117
almendras almonds pg.121
muchas much pg.124
un cuento de hadas a fairy tale pg.175
claro certain pg.167
agucates avocados pg.179
por favor please pg.189
que buena suerte what good luck
aqui right here pg.193
gracias thank you pg.195
esparraagos asparagus pg.199
huelga strike pg.201
americana American pg.206
aguantate wait pg.248
tu you pg.248
de the pg.202
por favor plese pg.189
casa house from spanish
feliz naveda mery christmas pg.174
fantasma ghost pg.239
catedral cathedral pg.174
esparrogas asparagus pg.199
empanadas pasty pg.173
luna moon pg.251
mida look pg.251
Created by: lyn419071
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