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Character Traits

introvert someone who is quiet and shy, and does not enjoy being with other people She was an introvert and prefered to work by herself.
laid back someone who is relaxed and seeming not to be worried about anything My boss is pretty laid-back. He never gets too stressed or worried about anything
affectionate having or displaying tender feelings, love, or warmth You are lucky to have such an affectionate (loving) family.
arrogant having the attitude of people who believe that they are better, smarter, or more important than other people : having or showing arrogance He was so arrogant he thought that he couldn't possibly lose
bossy tending too often to tell people what to do : often giving orders in a way that people do not like He is good at his job but much too bossy.
cooperative willing to be helpful by doing what someone wants or asks for I've asked them not to play their music so loudly, but they're not being very cooperative.
clumsy moving or doing things in a very awkward way and tending to drop or break things A clumsy person often breaks things by accident
cruel used to describe people who hurt others and do not feel sorry about it The teacher was cruel and enjoyed punishing his students for no reason at all
curious someone who is eager to learn or know She was curious about the way things worked and how things were made
coarse rude or offensive They were shocked by his coarse behaviour and rude manners
daring the quality of being brave and willing to take risks He was a daring reporter and covered many war zones.
demanding expecting much time, attention, effort, etc., from other people : hard to satisfy Their boss was really demanding, often expecting them to work long into the night.
dull not interesting in any way. He is pleasant enough but quite dull
dutiful doing what you are expected to do and behaving in a loyal and obedient way: A dutiful son obeys his mother.
fierce a fierce person or animal is angry or ready to attack, and looks very frightening a fierce guard dog
determined wanting to do something very much and not allowing anyone or any difficulties to stop you: I am determined to get this work done today.
gloomy unhappy and without hope; sad or depressed I have never seen him so gloomy as when he lost the race
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