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ASD1 C8 Vocab 1&2

Leisure activities

cine movie theater
película movie
ver to see
A propósito by the way
museo museum
cuadro painting
estatua statue
la exposición exposition
siempre always
nunca never
algo something
nada nothing
alguien someone
nadie no one
pintor painter
comprar to buy
recibir to receive
conjunto band
aplausos applause
torta cake
vela candle
instrumento instrument
concierto concert
músico musician
cantar to sing
cantante singer
asistir to attend
oír to hear
entrada admission
todos everyone
casi almost
salir to go out/ leave/exit
perder to lose/miss
decidir to decide
picar to snack
cumpleaños birthday
fiesta party
regalo gift
tocar to play
bailar to dance
Created by: sogando