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AP#21 Adjetivos B

PV AP#21 Adjetivos B

admirable admirable
ágil agile,nimble
agradable pleasant
ajeno foreign,distant
alegre happy
amable kind,nice
amarillo yellow
amigable friendly
anaranjado orange
angustiado anxious
apasionado passionate
atento attentive
atrevido daring
avariento miserly
azul blue
blanco white
bondadoso gracious,kind
café brown
calvo bald
cansado tired
cariñoso affectionate,loving
cauteloso cautious
ciego blind
codiciado envy
cojo lame
competitivo competitve
comunicativo communicative
confuso confused
cortés polite,courteous
crudo raw,crude
culto cultured,educated
delgado skinny,thin
desafortunado unfortunate,unlucky
descuidado sloppy,unkempt
devoto devoted
diligente diligent,hard-working
distraído absent-minded
dorado golden
dotado talented,gifted
eficiente efficient
embarazado pregnant
enfadado angry
enojado angry
envidioso envious,jealous
esbelto slender
esponjoso spongy
estable stable
extraño strange
extrovertido extrovert,outgoing
fascinante fascinating
feo ugly
fiel loyal,faithful
flexible flexible
fuerte strong
gemelo twin
gordo fat
grande big
grosero rude
guapo handsome
honesto honest
hostil hostile
idealista idealistic
incansable tireless
ineficaz inefficient
ingenuo naïve,ingenous
inquieto worried,nervous
joven young
justo just
lento slow
loco crazy
lógico logical
mentiroso liar
mezquino mean,stingy,petty
minusválido handicapped
morado purple
mudo mute,dumb
negro black
nocivo noxious,harmful
orgulloso proud
ostentoso ostentatious
pálido pale
pequeño small
pesado heavy,annoying
puntual punctual
raro strange
rendido worn out
robusto robust
rojo red
rosa pink
rosado pink
ruidoso noisy
sano healthy
sarcástico sarcastic
sobresaliente outstanding
sordo deaf
sospechoso suspicious
tacaño stingy
terco stubborn
testarudo stubborn
tímido timid
tolerante tolerant
travieso mischievous
triste sad
variado varied
verde green
violeta violet
Created by: SrtaRisius