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Key Words

Word Problem Key Words

Descreased By- The population of whales decreased by 400 in the last year. Subtraction
Increased By- The class was increased by 15 students. Addition
More Than- His collection had 10 cars more than before. Addition
Minus- She had 10 dollars, minus the $2 drink. Subtraction
Less- She had 5 cards, less the 2 she gave her brother. Subtraction
Difference Between- What was the difference between their earning last week? Subtraction
Combined- They combined their allowances to buy the present. Addition
Together- Together they had 12 eggs. Addition
More Than- Jacob has 6 more marbles than Carlos. Subtraction
Less Than- Carlos has 6 marbles less than Jacob. Subtraction
Fewer Than- Jenny has six fewer cookies than Elizabeth. Subtraction
Total- There were 8 roses and 2 daisies. How many total? Addition
Sum- The sum of their earnings was $28. Addition
Added To- Her savings this week were added to her savings last week. Addition
Altogether- How much altogether? Addition
In All- How many carrots do they have in all? Addition
Additional- If he had ten additional baseball cards, how many would he have in all? Addition
All- If you combined all of their earnings how much would they have? Addition
How Many More- How many more daisies does Kate have than Jacob? Subtraction
Left- How many eggs are left? Subtraction
Remain- How many students remain on the bus? Subtraction
-ER words- How much heavier is Jack's bag than Mark's? Subtraction
Take Away- If Liz takes away 2 of Jaime's cards. Subtraction
Plus- 7 plus 5 Addition
Change- The book cost $5 he paid with a $10 bill. What is his change? Subtraction
Have Left- She had 10 cookies she ate 2. How many does she have left? Subtraction
Lost- He had 7 pencils. He lost 4. Subtraction
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