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KES Land use control

Buffer zone Intend to ease transition from one use to another. Typically a strip of land.
Building code Ordinance that specifies construction standards for repairs and new construction
Certificate of occupancy Issued after inspection having been found satisfactory, safe.
Comprehensive plan A guide that tries to anticipate changing needs.
Conditional use permit (Special use permit) allows special use of property such as house of worship, daycare centers.
CC&R's Covenants, conditions, and restrictions private rules established by developer
Deed restrictions Limitations to property use imposed by previous owner as noted in deed to property
Density zoning Restricts maximum average number of houses per acre within a subdivision.
Developer Constructs improvements on unsubdivided parcels
Enabling acts Authority delegated to counties and local municipalities to enact ordinances in keeping with general laws
Interstate land sales full disclosure act (ILSA) Prevents fraudulent marketing schemes that may arise when land is sold unseen
Non conforming use Legacy structures and other improvements allowed to exist as exceptions. May or may not be grandfathered
Planned Unit Development PUD planned combination of diverse land use
Plat map Detailed map illustrating geographic boundaries of individual lots. This is recorded after approval by municipality
Restrictive covenants CC&R's
Subdivider One who segments land into parcels
Subdivision A tract of land divided by owner into lots, building lots, streets according to recorded subdivision plat
Variance Special exception to allow owner relief under unique circumstances
Zoning ordinances Implement the comprehensive plan and control land use, structures within districts
Comprehensive plan factors in Land use, Housing needs, movement of people (roads), facilities utilities schools, energy.
ILSA exemptions Fewer than 25 lots, lots larger than 20 acres, lots soled solely to developers, lots where buildings exist or will be constructed within 2 years
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