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Energy Science Test

List the types of energy electrical energy, heat energy, kinetic, potential, and chemical
What are two ways that we can distinguish between different forms of energy? With our body (touch, seeing, hearing) and where they come from
What is temperature measured with? a thermometer
Sound energy is detected using what? our ears
Solar energy comes from what? the sun
Geothermal energy comes from what? within the Earth
Identify one way that we can distinguish between light energy and sound energy. Using our sight and ears
What is the difference between a qualitative and a quantitative measurement of heat? Qualitative measurement is a description such as 'that is very hot.' On the other hand quantitative measurement is an exact number such as 99.9 degrees Celsius.
How many joules make up 1 MJ? 1 million
How many joules make up 4.2 kJ? 4.2 x 1000 = 4200
Convert 5000 kcal to calories. 5000 x 1000 = 5 000 000
Convert 5000 kcal to kJ. 5000 x 4.2 = 21 000
What is renewable energy? A resource that is unlikely to disappear or run out over time.
What is non-renewable energy? A resource that cannot be replaced.
Name three fossil fuels. Why are they called non-renewable resources? Oil, natural gas, and coal. They are non-renewable, because they cannot be replaced for a few thousand years.
Why are people encouraged to use their cars less and turn off lights when they are not in use? So that they can use less energy, resulting in a better environment. Also, they can save money, because gas and electricity cost.
What is primary energy? Primary energy is the total amount of energy available to us from a basic resource.
What is energy transfer? Energy transfer is movement of one form of energy from place to place without change.
Give me an example of energy transfer. the sun going through space and reaching earth (radiation)
What are the three ways that heat is transferred? Conduction, Convection, and Radiation
What is conduction? Energy transfer through solid objects
What is Convection? energy transfer by fluid movement or current.
What is radiation? Energy transfer across space.
What is the Law of Conservation of Energy? A law which states that energy cannot be created or destroyed, but may be changed from one form to another.
When does the greatest heat transfer from the inside of a house to the outside occur? When there is the most difference in temperature
Why does primary energy often become heat? So that we can cook our food, warm our houses and make steam to drive turbines and engines.
How does a burning biscuit release energy as heat? When a biscuit (mostly carbs) is burned in the air, the oxygen in the air combines with the chemicals in the biscuit to form new compounds. The new substance requires less energy to stick together. The extra energy is let out creating heat.
If a 50 kg person needs 5 MJ of energy to keep their body temperature at 37 degrees C, how much would be needed by a person of (a) 100 kg (b) 60 kg (c) 40 kg. List two factors that might affect the energy needs that you just calculated. (a) 10 MJ (b) 6 MJ (c) 4 MJ How active one might be and if they are in puberty or not.
What is geothermal energy? the energy sourced from the heat of the Earth's molten core
How is geothermal energy related to thermophiles? It powers the thermophile communities of living organisms, which do not need sunlight to power their living processes.
Why are humans solar-powered animals? Because we eat plants that use the sun to grow, and we eat animals that eat plants that use the sun to grow.
Is kilowatt hour a unit of power or energy? Explain power, because it is made up of joules and watts.
What is an audiometer? a measuring device for sound energy
what is bagasse? fuel produced from plants after all juices have been extracted
What is the Big Bang Theory? an idea that the universe started out of energy that exploded, causing particles to form, in the process of which space and time began
What is biofuel? primary energy from plant or animal products
what is biomass? fuel material from living processes
What is a calorie? unit of energy equal to 4.2 J
What is chemical energy? energy released from chemical reactions.
What is form of energy? the way energy transfers and transformations are recognised; a form of energy is recognised by the way it is experienced or measured or by its origin
what is fuel? chemical source of energy
what is fossil fuel? The remains of once-living organisms that formed over thousand of years into coal, oil and natural gas
What is heat energy? form of energy measured by skin or thermometer
What is an insulator? a material that does not let heat pass through easily
What is a convection current? a large-scale movement of a fluid as a result of heating
What is an ecosystem? a basic unit of ecology. An ecosystem has an input, a set of processes and output (as waste heat).
What is energy transformation? one type of energy changing into another form
What is an environment? a place where energy is collected, used, stored and released
What is a joule (J) the basic unit of energy
What is a kilowatt hour (kWh) unit of energy equal to 3.6 MJ
What is kinetic energy? Energy of movement
What is light energy? a form of energy measured by eyes or photometer
What is a photometer a measuring device for light energy
What is power? energy delivered in a given amount of time
What is a Sonometer? a measuring device for sound energy.
What is sound energy? a form of energy measured by ears or a sonometer
What is a thermogram? photograph using heat radiation
What is a thermophile? a living thing that uses heat, not sunlight, for its living processes
What is a watt (W) a unit of power equal to one joule of energy delivered each second 1 W = 1 J/s
Created by: kaylee72sommers
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