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Flowers for Algernon


Tangible observable or understandable through the senses ; can be touched
Rorschach a psychological test that involves inkblots which a person must describe
Motivation a desire to work hard and achieve a goal
Specter A disturbing and haunting thought ; a ghost
Neurosurgeon Doctor who operates on the nervous system, spine, and brain
Apathetic Indifferent, showing no emotions
Opportunist A person who takes unfair advantage of someone else
Subconscious Thoughts and feelings that buried beneath one’s conscious thoughts; existing in the mind, but not immediately available to the consciousness
Comparative Showing the similar relationships between two things
Cower to shrink back in fear
Maroon to strand or desert with no hope of rescue
Justified to be able to show that your actions are right and correct
Vacuous empty, shallow, having nothing
Refute to disprove ; show to be false
Obscure hidden in the shadows
Fissures narrow openings or crevices found in the brain
Introspective examining oneself by looking inward
Feeble-minded a lack of intelligence
Naive trusting and having a childlike innocence
Deteriorate to diminish in quality over a period of time
-spect Latin word root meaning to see
-vac Latin word root meaning empty
Impair to weaken or damage, can be permanent or temporary
Regression to return to an earlier less advanced state
Infuriate to make extremely angry or send into a rage
Seldom rarely, infrequently
-tion suffix used to create a noun
-ate suffix for a verb
-tor suffix for one who does something
-pathos root meaning emotion
verified proven to be true
psychology study of the brain and the min, especially behavior
-sub under/lower
-sci to know
accelerate to get faster , speed up
invariably always, in every case , on every occasion
Created by: Sharon Smolen