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Chem 111

Chapter 15 test

Carboxylic acids form ____ bonds to each other, and to ____ molecules like water. Hydrogen, polar
The energy of ATP is made available through hydrolysis of either of the ____ ____ bonds. This is a/an ____ bond Phosphoric anhydride, Exothermic
Polyesters are formed by reacting a _____ acid with a ______ Dicarboxylic acid, dialcohol
Carboxylic acid can be made by the _____ of a _____ or a _____. Oxidation of a primary alcohol or aldehyde,
Carboxylic acids behave as acids because they're ___ ____ and are ____ acids that disassociate to form _____ ions. Proton donors, Weak. Carboxylate ions
____ carboxylic acids re soluble in H2O smaller
General structure of esters R-(carbonyl group) -O-R
Carboxylic acids contain 2 structural units: -OH -O=C
Functional groups carboxylic acids -COOH -0=COH -CO2H
_____molecular weight carboxylic acids have a ______ taste and _____ aromas lower, sharp/sour, unpleasant
Carboxylic acids boil at increased temps because of ____ ____ bonding. intermolecular hydrogen
The pathway by which fatty acids are oxidized to produce ATP Beta-oxidation
When the phosphoryl group is transferred to molecules, some of the energy resides in the ______molecules, thereby _____ it. phosphorylated molecules, energizing
Can be used for foods that must be packaged at high temperatures PEN
Cellular enzymes carry out a reaction between a thiol and a carboxylic acid to produce a _____ thioester
The citric acid cycle is an ___ _____ pathway that completely ____ the acetyl group to two ______ molecules energy harvesting, oxidizes , CO2
Condensed formula of propionic acid, and what it's found in. CH3CH2COOH, Swiss cheese
Butyric acid, and what it's found in CH3CH2CH2COOH rancid butter
The ____ chain carboxylic acids re generally called fatty acids. fatty acids
Longer chain carboxylic acids are important components of ____ ____ and ____ biological membranes and triglycerides
Common name and condensed structure of acetic acid. Vinegar, CH3COOH
Simplest aromatic carboxylic acid name benzoic acid
Fatty acids are _____ chain ___-acids. long chain, monocarboxylic acids
Most complex carboxylic acids are also found in ____ ____ like ____ ____ food stuffs like citric acid
Condensed form of formic acid and what it's found in. HCOOH
Mylar is used to make balloons, recording tape, and photographic film
PETE is used to make shatter-proof plastic bottles
The ___ ends of soap dissolves in water, the ____ part is repelled by water. carboxylate, hydrocarbon
ATP consists of ____ base and a _____ _____ of the 5-carbon sugar _____ nitrogenous base, phosphate ester ribose
____(_____)____acid gives tartness to soda and helps to prevent spoilage Adipic (hexndioc)
____acid is produced by bacteria in milk and is used as a food preservative. Lactic
Soaps are made from Water, a strong base, natural fats & oils
Esters are mildly ___ and smell ____. They're found in things like ____oil and ____berries. polar, good, banana oil, raspberries
Large nonpolar hydrocarbon part of a molecule is ____. The highly polar carboxylate end is_____. hyrophobic, hydrophilic
Particles of oil or grease by soap molecules. micelle
Soaps are ___ chain carboxylic acids and are ___ salts. long, ionic
Te triphosphate group attached to ribose is made up of 3 phosphate groups bonded to one another by phosphoric anhyride bonds.
Condensation polymers are formed by the _____ of ____ in a reaction that forms a small molecules such as water or an alcohol. polymerization of monomers
Polyesters re ___-polymeres, also known s ________ polymers. hetero- , condensation
The base catalyzed hydrolysis of an ester is called saponification
Fats and oils are _____ of the alcohol _____. triesters, glycerol
Esters are ____ ______ derivatives formed from the rxn of a ____ with an _____. carboxylic acid, carboxylic acids with an alcohol
Esters boil at the approximate same temperatures as ____ + _____ of comparable _______weight. aldehydes and ketones, molecular
The reaction of a carboxylic acid with an alcohol to form an ester and H2O Esterification
General structure acetyl group esters R-(carbonyl group)-OR
General structure diphatic carboxylic acids R-(carbonyl group)-OH
General structure aromatic carboxylic acids Ar-(Carboynyl group)-OH
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