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6% compounded semiannually 3%
9% compounded quarterly 2.25%
10.5% compounded monthly 0.875%
Laurie Ingalls loans a friend $400 at 5% simple interest for 3 years. What is the maturity value? $448
$1,200 represents which variable (PV, PMT, or FV)? None
How much will Annie have when she turns 50, after her final deposit? $24,786.67
What will the annual tuition be at the college 18 years from now? $3,473.43
What is the total contributed by the employee and employer each year? $8,415
If you withdraw $2,800 at the end of each month, what will the balance be in 30 years? $33,984.51
Interest is more during the first part of an installment loan. (T or F) True
You get the loan. Your monthly payment is $491.31. What is the finance charge? $7,274.32
What rate is lower 1.25% per month or 11.9% per year? The 11.9% per year is lower
What is the total cost of the car, including finance charges? $8,035
What is the FV amount? $8,050
How much will Gregg have when he retires 22 years later? $508,640.18
What is the present value of the movie rights? $62,775.423.52
What will your balance be at the end of 7 years? $5,439.45
What amount is required if he can earn 7% compounded monthly? $1,264.85
What age will kyle be when he accumulates $1,000,000? 83 years old
If you withdraw $4,550 at the end of each month, how long will $650,000 last? 12.51 years
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