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confession to admit that you have sinned against God and desire His forgiveness. To give all glory to God by admitting your sin-saying out loud the truth that His Law has condemned you and acknowledging that your only salvation in Christ's word of forgiveness.
absolution the forgiveness of sins from God Himself through the word of His minister. The actual word of Jesus spoken to a penitent sinner, "I forgive you all your sins!" Through the hearing of this word, the confessing Christian is justified by God and receives the
penitent a sinner who is sorry for his sins, confesses his sins, and believes that only Christ can forgive him, not on account of his own confession or sorrow, but because God is merciful for Jesus' sake.
impenitent a sinner who is not sorry for his sins, refuses to acknowledge them, and does not trust Christ for forgiveness
general confession to confess your sins before God in the Lord's Prayer or in the Divine Service in which specific sins are not named
private confession to confess your sins privately to your pastor, in order to hear Christ's own word to you, "I forgive you all of your sins!" the purpose of this kind of confession is to receive the comfort of Christ's forgiveness spoken directly to you and for you
the Keys the power to "open the door" of heaven and restore communion with God through the word of forgiveness or to ":to close the door:" of heaven by withholding forgiveness from the impenitent. he authority of the Holy Ministry. This authority is given to the c
retain when the pastor ties the sins of an impenitent around his neck and will not let go of them by withholding the word of forgiveness
remit when the pastor unties and frees a penitent sinner from his sins by forgiving him for Christ's sins
church discipline when the pastor withholds Holy Absolution from an impenitent person within the congregation and forbids him to go to the Lord's Supper until he repents and is absolved
excommunication when the pastor, with advice, consent, and approval of the congregation, removes a person from the communion of the Christian Church because of persistent impenitence and a life of unbelief. this is a very serious action and may not be done frivolously, q
the Holy Ministry the preaching and teaching office of the Gospel and sacraments of Christ through which the Holy Spirit creates, sustains, and nurtures faith in our Lord Jesus Christ
the divine call the call from God, through the Church to a man, to be a public minister of the Gospel, that is, the authority to preach and teach the Word of God and administer the sacraments in the stead of Christ
ordination the holy orders and solemn charge given to the man being placed into the Office of the Holy Ministry to tend, keep, and defend the Holy Gospel of Christ and His congregation, through the faithful preaching and teaching of the Word of God
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