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7th Grade Math Vocab

7th Grade Math Vocabulary

Proportion An equation stating that two ratios or rates are equivalent.
Unit Ratio A ratio simplified so that it has a denominator of 1.
Origin The point at which the number x-axis and y-axis intersect in a coordinate plane. The origin is at (0,0).
Simple Interest The amount paid or earned for the use of money.
Sales Tax An additional amount of money charged on items that people buy.
Percent the number of parts out of one hundred.
Additive Inverse An integer and its opposite.
Graph A dot at the point that corresponds to an ordered pair on a coordinate plane.
Bar Notation In repeating decimals, the line or bar placed over the digits that repeat.
Least Common Denominator The least common multiple of the denominators of two or more fractions.
Like Fractions Fractions that have the same denominators.
Sequence An ordered list of numbers.
Algebraic Expression combination of variables, numbers and at least one operation.
Constant A term without a variable.
Two-Step Equation An equation that contains two operations.
Equivalent Equations Two or more equations with the same solution. Example: x + 4 = 7 and x = 3 are equivalent equations.
Multiplication Property of Inequality When you multiply each side of an inequality by the same positive number, the inequality remains true. When you multiply each side of an inequality by the same negative number, the inequality symbol must be reversed for the inequality to remain true.
Acute Angle An angle with a measure greater than 0° and less than 90°.
Complementary Angles Two angles are complementary if the sum of their measures is 90°.
Right Triangle A triangle having one right angle (90°).
Circumference The distance around a circle.
Diameter The distance across a circle through its center.
Pi The ratio of the circumference of a circle to the diameter of the circle. Approximations for pi are 3.14 and 22/7.
Vertex the point where two rays meet. A vertex of a polygon is a point where two sides of the polygon intersect.
Factors Two or more numbers that are multiplied together to form a product.
Algebra A branch of mathematics that involves expressions with variables and symbols.
Corresponding Parts Parts of congruent or similar figures that match.
Dilation A transformation that alters the size of a figure, but not its shape.
Reflection A transformation where a figure is flipped over a line.
Translation A transformation where a figure is slid from one position to another without being turned.
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