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Quiz II

CNS depressants

Benzodiazepines indirect
Chlordiazepexide Librium 1960
diazepam Valium
alraxolam xanex
flur a zepam dalmane 1970..sleep
tri a zolan halcion...sleep
temazopam rest o ril...sleep
date rape drugs Rohypnol, ketamine, GHB
Hangover disinhibition, respritor depression, vomiting, sluggish
Bensodiazepine like drugs..for sleeping Ambien, Lunesta, Sonata
Lewin's pie chart Phantasticants, Inebriants, euphorants, excitants, depressants
Early drugs 1 chloralhydrate..knockout
Early 2 paraldehydrate.
early 3 bromides ..patent
Barbituates..1903.. direct
pentobarbital nembutal
secobarbital seconal
amobarbitol amytal
phenobarbitol lyminal
metprobamate miltown, equanil..anti anx 1955 anti x
methaqualone qualude, sopors....schedule 1
barb and benzo disired effects NXIETY RELIEF, SLEEP, GEN ANESTHESIA, DEATH
barb and benzo side effects loss of rem. disinhibition, resp, depression, vomit, coma..die
Korsakov syndrome brain damage memory formation
cogener any substance other than ethanol,oils organic toxic
disulfuran antabuse acetohyde makes nausea
breakdown ethanol damage acetaldehyde = toxic
mech of ethanol in brain interferes with sodium flow- inhibits increase response GABA
Ferment natural, sugar and yeast in air to 15% beer & wine
distillation heat to boil, vapor to 80% whiskey
Created by: guitarchic914