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Basic Verbs

A collection of German verbs and their English meanings.

German verbEnglish meaning
schreiben to write
bleiben to stay
steigen to climb
heissen to be called, named
beschreiben to describe
entscheiden to decide
einsteigen to board
schlafen to have slept
schlagen to hit
waschen to wash
tragen to wear
fahren to drive
fallen to fall
halten to hold
gefallen to be pleased, pleasing to
fliegen to fly
wiegen to smell
helfen to help
treffen to meet
riechen to smell
giessen to water
schliessen to shut
bitten to ask
sprechen to speak
versprechen to promise
nehmen to take
kommen to come
beginnen to begin
gewinnen to win
bekommen to win, recieve
schwimmen to swim
finden to have considered, found
singen to sing
springen to jump
trinken to drink
sinken to sink
stinken to stink
sehen to see, look at
geben to give
liegen to lie
lesen to read
sein to be
brennen to burn
kennen to know
nennen to name
rennen to race, chase
senden to send
haben to have
denken to think
bringen to bring
verbringen to spend time
reiten to ride
schneiden to cut
streiten to quarrel, fight
werden to become
sterben to die
werfen to throw
hängen to hang, be suspended
gehen to go, to walk
stehen to stand
verstehen to understand
rufen to call (on the phone)
laufen to run
lassen to let, leave
verlassen to leave a place
essen to eat
vergessen to forget
sitzen to sit
studieren to have studied
reparieren to repair
fotografieren to photograph
protestieren to protest
demonstrieren to demonstrate
experimentieren to experiment
wissen to know
tun to do
einladen to invite
Created by: pbtherabbit